Warlock Q&A with Shayzani & Kahleena!

September 14, 2009 at 12:17 pm (From Level One to Level Awesome!, Warlock)

What seems like ages ago, Shayzani and I decided to do a Q&A for beginning warlocks with questions.  Now, at long last, here’s the result!

Q:  I’ve got loads of questions, but they’re all kind of specific to my playstyle – like “what advice would you have for a level 66 Warlock trying to three-man Outland with a Cow Warrior and a Tree”?

KAHLEENA:  Cut down the tree and use the fire to cook up some steak?  Actually, my advice would pretty much be the advice I’d give anyone else, since you seem to have the tank and healer legs of the trinity covered.  Do as much damage as you can, but don’t pull aggro.

SHAYZANI:  You’re going to pull aggro anyway. You’ll die but hey, a healer will be right there! Get used to dying after pulling aggro, its a warlock legacy. Oh hey, that should be better now that soulshatter is on a shorter cooldown right? Warlocks are awesome because how many other classes get half of their threat taken away every three minutes provided the target didn’t resist?! Sigh. …I got off on a tangent in this post a lot quicker than I expected.

KAHLEENA:  In your case, as you are CC and DPS wrapped into one (and you have no backup), I might suggest learning to use seduction macros with your succubus.

SHAYZANI:  Ewwww seduction D:

KAHLEENA:  Out of the box, as it were, her cc is completely useless, but with adequate macroing, she’s very useful for crowd control.  Well, fairly useful.  Okay, she dies if you look at her crosseyed.  But she’s more useful in an instance, at any rate, than any of your other crowd controls (unless your enemy is a demon), given the tragic and untimely demise of fear-kiting (RIP Curse of Recklessness).  Consider Heroic Magister’s Terrace, which I’m led to understand from Tam’s blog is a favorite.  How awesome is it to be able to banish one of Delrissa’s minions,seduce another, and fear a third, all by yourself?

SHAYZANI:  Quick story to illustrate that point:

In BC, before I finished leveling my warlock, I had a very scary looking lock in my Underbog party. The pulls were beating me up and back as the tank so I asked if the lock could do something to CC one of the Naga mobs. He said he’d take care of it so I pulled. He got its attention with Searing Pain and then ran away down the stairs we had just come up with the mob following after. Then he was gone for a very long time. Just as the rest of us killed the last mob in that pack he came back up the stairs alone. I asked if he had managed, he said he had taken care of it and was fine and shouldn’t we be pulling the next group?

Warlocks have an amazing box of tools for managing mobs, learn how to use them and you’ll make other people blink in awe.

Q: I’m running Destro at the moment – if you can remember anything about how Destruction plays in late Outland that’d be cool.

KAHLEENA:  Destruction, in late Outland, played for me like shadowbolt spam, but that was the old 0/21/40 build.

SHAYZANI:  When we were gods among men! /brandishes fist

KAHLEENA:  Destruction now is far more interesting, thankfully.  But I have no idea how it plays in late Outland, as I only started playing it at 80.  One suggestion:  pick up the glyph of Conflagrate.  It is absolutely critical to a functioning deep destro build.

Q:  Ooh – that was what I wanted to ask: should I invest in Improved Soul Leech?

KAHLEENA:  Depends – Improved Soul Leech is a tradeoff.  You’re passing up on the opportunity to gain DPS in exchange for utility.  Replenishment (the buff ISL procs) is a very important buff in group play, but there are several possible sources for it, including frost mages and shadow priests. Basically, given the three-person group you describe above, if you go into ISL, you’ll be doing it to help your tree stay in mana (you don’t need it personally, as a warlock – this is pure party utility).  Personally, I have it for raiding, because I’m not infrequently in situations where I don’t have a shadow priest or frost mage in my party, and in raiding, Replenishment is critical on long boss fights.  I look at it as doing my part for the healers that keep me in HOTs as I Life Tap my blackened, withered little heart out.

SHAYZANI:  When you’re out leveling or grinding on your own or what not you tend to get beat the hell up as Destruction. No pet to take the heat and no Haunt healing coming in can really make you feel like you’re made of paper. ISL can help you feel like slightly more resilient paper. Brawny paper towels kind of paper maybe.

Q: I would like to know why it is that your T3 set (which looks like a gas mask in garish colors and is just plain horrible) is beloved of warlocks? They seem to think they look GOOD, when really, they just look comical. Is bad taste a thing that goes with playing a warlock? I just don’t understand.

KAHLEENA:  The questioner must be a mage – “You’re ugly and your art department dresses you funny” is the level of discourse one expects from vending machines. Besides, the mage set has glowing purple crystal antlers.  Such things breed hostility towards one’s sartorial betters.

Seriously, though, I actually agree with the criticism of the T3 set.  In fact, when I read that they were recycling the art, I wrote a post on the forums (which I now can’t find) more or less /wristing over it (my precise phrase was, I believe, that the set looked like the 1970s had thrown up all over a hazmat suit).  I’m still not entirely crazy (to put it mildly) about the 10-man T7 (which is identical to T3).  The recolor in T7.5, on the other hand, is very, very nice looking, and quite warlock-y.  Black and red suits the design much better than  yellow and green and brown and whatever other colors form the T3/T7 melange.

SHAYZANI:  Like the 1970’s had thrown up all over a hazmat suit… goodness that’s the best description of that set that I’ve ever heard in my life. While I also hate the T3/T7 look I do have to say one thing in its favor. The shoulders emit poison gas. That’s pretty darn cool.

Q:  What glyph(s) do you find most useful? Why?

KAHLEENA:  Depends on your build.  I could simply recite the cookie-cutter list of the glyphs that Elitist Jerks claims are the highest DPS glyphs, mathematically speaking.  As I’m a raider, and so much of raiding comes down to math, I tend to be partial to such lists.  It doesn’t help that warlocks are a bit (well, a lot) short on the “sexy” glyphs.  As I mentioned in response to Temi, even ignoring those lists, if you are Destruction, you simply must have Glyph of Conflagrate, or the rotation doesn’t work.  That may be the closest thing we have a to a truly sexy glyph.

SHAYZANI:  Nearly all the warlock glyphs are fairly boring “increases damage of x by y%” or “reduces cooldown of x by y seconds” sorts of things. Conflag is, as mentioned several times already, absolutely a must if you’re Destruction. If you’re feeling spiteful towards your raid members you can opt for the Glyph of Succubus. This makes it so Seduction clears away all debuffs on your target. You can do this after the mages put up Scorch and Living Bomb and what not to lower their dps.

Not that I recommend doing that!

Q:  Aside from pulling worms and standing in fire, what should I absolutely NOT do?

KAHLEENA:  Never permit a mage to show you up on the DPS charts.  Never Life Tap to 5% moments before the pull and expect your healer to heal you.  Never put your pet on aggressive.  Never cast Fear in an instance (Death Coil may, and I stress “may”, be okay, depending on layout and proximity, but “Fear” or “Howl of Terror”, absolutely not – better to die than to wipe the group/raid by pulling more adds, which Fear tends to do).

SHAYZANI:  Its shocking how many warlocks will cast Fear in a crowded instance. If you’re ever in a situation where a mob is coming after you because you pulled off the tank or something then you damn well better handle the consequences like one of the big kids: stand up straight, look stoic, mash the crap out of soulshatter and when that fails and your tank doesn’t like you enough to get the mob back, you die like the fragile scrap of tissue you are and then do your best to act sheepish about it.

Q: I tend to use my voidy and felguard as pseudo-tanks when I’m levelling, and the imp for (what I understand to be) a party-boost in instances… but I have this nagging feeling that I’m overlooking better ways to use my pets. Do you have any recommendations?

KAHLEENA:  For soloing, use whatever works (felguard/voidwalker for tanking is definitely one effective approach – I tend to either drain-tank, if affliction, or nuke-the-mob-down-before-it-reaches-me, if destro).  In instances, pet selection is very situational.

SHAYZANI:  Yes use whatever works. The imp works for Destro, the felhunter or succubus for Affliction and the Felguard for Demo. The voidwalker doesn’t work for anything and even if he does work, he works poorly.

KAHLEENA:  If you’re Demonology (you mention the felguard), you should be using your felguard in instances, not your imp.  Make sure, however, to turn your felguard’s taunt off autocast (I would say “ditto the voidwalker”, except you should never be bringing out a voidwalker in an instance anyway).  You might also consider turning off cleave, unless you’re facing multiple mobs. Cleave’s a major mana-suck.

SHAYZANI:  With the point in Mana Feed the cost of Cleave shouldn’t be too problematic, especially if you’ve got replenishment going. It used to be that Cleave would sometimes break crowd control if your positioning was bad but that’s not so much an issue in a time when crowd control is needed so rarely.

KAHLEENA:  The succubus has a bad reputation as a crowd control, largely because without macros, her Seduction is nearly impossible to use effectively without a level of micromanagement that gimps the rest of your performance. Also, she dies if she’s so much as downwind of a mob.  With assistance, though, her crowd control can be useful – see wowwiki for a good one-button seduction macro.  Also, as of the last time I checked (which was, admittedly, 3.1), the succubus is the top DPS pet for an affliction build.

SHAYZANI:  Right, I haven’t seen anything yet saying any other pet outperforms the succubus for Affliction after the patch. Just to make sure the point is driven home, the succubus dies quickly and easily! She has absolutely terrible performance anxiety, give her something important to do and she’ll muck it up quick.

Don’t be fail and use a voidwalker in instances.

KAHLEENA:  The felhunter is another situational pet – I recommend practicing with its Spell Lock and Devour Magic until you’re very comfortable with them.  They are very powerful abilities, used properly.  The Int/Spirit buff isn’t terrible.  Despite that Felhunter-buffing talent in the Affliction tree, though, the felhunter is not top DPS for Affliction (or any other build).

If you’re Destro spec, then barring special cases (for example, I’m Destro spec, but I tend to drag a felhunter with me through around half of Naxx10’s Military Quarter to eat the bone shields), you bring out the imp.  Also, if your party needs the stamina boost to survive, bring out the imp.

SHAYZANI: …I’m totally useful in the Military Quarter like that too. Definitely. I never forget to do helpful things like create soulstones or healthstones or dispel things or… ok so sometimes I’m a little fail. I can change!

Some of those pet control macros at Wow Wiki really are quite good. Damn near essential really.

Q: Even when I’m spec’ed destro, I seem to be doing lower DPS than the fire and arcane mages of equivalent level (high 60s/low 70s) I run around with a lot. If nothing else, I FEEL less effective. What should I be looking at first to improve my damage?

KAHLEENA:  First, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples – is your gear equivalent?  Second, not to sound like a broken record, use the Glyph of Conflagrate.  Your cast priority (and it’s not a rotation, it’s a priority) should be: (a) Immolate (don’t clip, don’t let it fall off), (b) Conflagrate (this is why the glyph is so key, because if you’re not glyphed, you have to then reapply immolate, or drop Conflagrate altogether), (c) Chaos Bolt, (d) Incinerate.  If it’s a lengthy boss fight, go Curse of Doom, otherwise don’t bother with a curse (unless your party needs CoE – something you should be doing at the beginning of every instance run is looking for a Boomkin or an Unholy Death Knight to see if Curse of Elements duty is covered).  Now, you’re missing about ten talent points from what a level 80 Destruction warlock would spec, presumably from the Demo tree.  So you’re missing some nice DPS-boosting talents like the talent that improves Fel Armor.  Finally, realize that even in your burstiest tree (Destruction), you still take longer to get up and running than a mage does.  I often start runs in the mediocre middle of the pack.  Then we hit the first boss fight, and I tend to jump ahead (and stay there).

If you’re not specced Destruction, then at least on short fights, you have no possible way to keep up with a mage.  So don’t try.  Know that where you really shine is long fights, the longer the better.  On that 10-minute boss fight, when the mage is gasping for mana, you will be continuing to perform at the top of your game.  If you’re Affliction, the longer the fight, the higher your DPS goes.  Until the mob’s down to the last 25% of its health, and then you really start to bring the pain.  Embrace it.  And make sure to look at boss-fight-specific DPS meters – you’ll be more encouraged.

SHAYZANI:  One thing I notice a lot with people new to caster dps is that they don’t chain-cast like they should. You aren’t melee so you don’t have an auto-attack doing white damage while you ponder what you should cast next.

Increase the number of Incinerates you cast, increase your Immolation uptime, keep Chaos Bolt on cooldown, mash Haunt whenever its up, don’t waste Decimation procs, don’t let your dots fall off generally. There shouldn’t ever be a time when you’re just standing around with nothing to do. Time your casts so that the second the first one goes off you’ve got a second one starting immediately. Again, no gaps between casts!


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Soul Shards Are Dead, Long Live Soul Shards

August 22, 2009 at 1:09 am (Warlock)

So, the wow.com live blog is a bit cryptic, but to the extent I can discern what Blizzard announced re: soul shards, I was largely right, I think.  It sounds like soul shards will largely resemble runes as a resource, and they will be consumed with a new spell, Soul Burn.  Casting Soul Burn will, apparently, burn a shard for the duration of the combat, but the next spell will be amplified – Fear would become instant cast, for example, and presumably a damage spell would just do more damage.  So basically, we’re looking at soul shards actually giving us some cooldowns to burn.

If I’m understanding this correctly, then I’m thrilled.  Not only because we will, at long last, have five bag spaces, but because this adds a level of tactical complexity to the class that wasn’t there, which I like.  Decisions as to when to burn a shard, coming to understand the effects of burning a shard on all of our (many many) spells….it sounds, in short, completely awesome. (“What, like a hot dog?“)

I’ll wait until Blizzcon’s over to comment on much else, but suffice it to say, this expansion is going to either (a) be completely freaking brilliant, or (b) utterly wreck the game.  Completely altering all the existing zones the way they are is seriously gutsy.  I’m actually looking forward to leveling more alts through Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor, though, which I didn’t expect would ever be the case.

I really hope somebody stresses to Blizzard this weekend, though, exactly how cranky their player base is going to be if they don’t increase the number of toons per server.  I’m going to be really unhappy if I can’t have  a Worgen on my home Alliance server.

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Shards Announcement Incoming

August 19, 2009 at 8:52 am (Warlock)

So, as Blizzcon is imminent, so too is (supposedly) some announcement of the upcoming changes to soul shards.

And a few other announcements too, of course.

I gave my own thoughts on soul shards and their problems.  What I can’t tell, at this point, is whether Ghostcrawler is overselling a cosmetic change, or whether soul shards are going to be essentially unrecognizable at the end of this revamp.  Because to live up to what Ghostcrawler’s selling, we’re talking about the need to create an entirely new resource-system and slap the name “soul shards” on it.  And I find myself, despite myself, growing excited at what this may mean.  Which suggests there’s a danger here – if we’re talking about a tweak (They now stack!  They’re now in the currency tab!  They’re now green!), I’m going to be severely disappointed (even if I’m happy to have my bag space back).  Unless we’re talking an entirely new system, GC has simply oversold the incoming change, and is going to get a pretty severe backlash.

One thing I’ve noticed, as I’ve been playing my mage (now level 71, and proving ridiculously fun – mages have more “sexy” abilities than warlocks could ever dream of, which is a source of massive, festering resentment (for me), and a topic for another column), is that warlocks have far fewer fun  cooldowns than my frost mage has.  Think of the decisions a frost mage makes as to when to summon their elemental, when to pop Icy Veins, Cold Snap, and so forth.  It gives the feel that frost mages have a degree of “reserve” power, where you can draw on it when really necessary.  This actually makes the class feel more powerful as a whole.  Demo has a couple of cooldown-type abilities (Metamorphosis being the primary one), but Affliction and Destruction do not (Death Coil’s on a cooldown, but it’s not the same thing – that’s about getting out of a jam, not boosting personal power in some way.)  My trinkets have all “On Equip” effects, so I have no trinkets to pop.  So, in a raid, when raid leaders call out “okay, hitting X%, pop all your cooldowns and trinkets”, I tend to do exactly the same thing I was doing before – I have nothing else to do.  My only cooldown is Soulshatter, which is no fun at all (mages, on the other hand, even get a fun aggro-dump!)  So my guess would be that consuming shards will give a similar cooldown-popping feel.  Consume a soul for a 10% spellpower increase for 15 seconds, or something similar.  3 minute cooldown.

Which means there’s a nerf incoming.  Because they don’t want to buff us overall (we – well, two of our trees – don’t really need it, at least in PvE), so our performance without using the new SS mechanics will be knocked down a peg.   We’re about to get more complicated, which intrigues me.  But we’re also about to enter that buff-nerf cycle that happens whenever a class’s equilibrium is disrupted.  Buckle your seatbelts.

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Now taking your questions!

August 6, 2009 at 11:50 pm (From Level One to Level Awesome!, Warlock)

So, what’s a “Warlocks for Dummies” course without Q&A time?  Shayzani of the excellent 2fps (who has done the first couple of posts in her own Letters to a Young Warlock series, see here and here) and I will be taking your questions!  Post your questions here (or on her blog, when she posts her question solicitation.)  Gear selection questions?  Talent questions?  Specs for leveling?  Whatever your warlock questions, post them, and Shazani and I will give our feedback.

EDITED TO ADD:  You can also send me a question privately at feldeeds at gmail dot com.  I should really figure out how to put in one of those contact-me pages.

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From Level One to Level Awesome!: Your First Six Levels

August 5, 2009 at 9:40 am (From Level One to Level Awesome!, Warlock)

In this post, I’ll cover a warlock’s first six levels, culminating in the acquisition of the most important spell in your arsenal.  And no, I don’t mean Drain Mana.

Read the rest of this entry »

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A Guildie’s Suggestion

August 4, 2009 at 1:23 pm (From Level One to Level Awesome!, Warlock)

So, one of my guildies was leveling his warlock recently, and picking my brain regarding gear choices.  As I tend to do when asked to give an opinion (or when drunk), I waxed a bit professorial, and he said “You know, you should really do some sort of ‘Warlocks for Dummies’ thing on your blog.”  I demurred, because that information is already out there…at this site, and that site, and some other forum, which if you search….hmm…..seems a bit scattered, now that I think about it.  Perhaps there’s something to be said for consolidation.

So, I’m hereby announcing that I will be doing something of an ongoing series on warlocks for those who are newbies to the class.  This way, all six of my readers (five of whom probably already have high-level warlocks anyway) can benefit from my hastily compiled random-ass guesses carefully considered assessments as to how to best go From Level One to Level Awesome!(tm).*  Come to think of it, I think I just came up with the title of the series.  Go me.

Obviously, all opinions are entirely my own, as though they could be anything else.  Doubtless someone will come into the comments (perhaps a seventh reader!) who will tell me that I’m completely ignoring the clear benefits of the 18/24/19 leveling spec.  That’s what comments are for.  Get down with your bad self.  However, I feel no great compulsion to be absolutely exhaustive – I’m doing this primarily to entertain myself (being inordinately fond of the sound of my own voice, and the tint of my own pixels), and hopefully educate a few warlocks in what not to do.  Because if I run another instance run where a warlock spends the bulk of his/her time casting Drain Mana**, I may slit their wrists.  What, you thought I was going to slit my own wrists?  Please.  I’m not the one draining mana instead of, y’know, DPSing.

One area that will go grossly under-addressed in this guide is PvP.  Because I don’t care.  If I disparage some spell as utterly worthless (see: Drain Mana) that actually has some PvP merit, well, that’s what comments are for.  I’ll take your word for it.

Time permitting, I think I may even add a practical component to this instruction by leveling another warlock.  After all, the memory of level 10, or level 20, on Kahleena is more than a little fuzzy, and rather a lot has changed (I hit both when we were between patch 2.0 and TBC release).  No commitments, though.  And it would have to be on some other server, as I already have 10 characters on Duskwood.

Any particular thoughts or suggestions about this project, or things I should address, let me know here – as I said, I’m primarily doing this for my own amusement, but my own amusement is much improved by actually having a receptive audience.

*Please note that, for the proper effect, one should say “From Level One to Level Awesome!” with a smile that only involves one side of the mouth, followed by a wink, a slight clicking sound with one’s tongue, and pointing with both hands in that firing-an-imaginary-gun-made-up-of-one’s-index-fingers-and-thumbs kind of way kids do when they lack an actual toy gun.  The smarmier, the better.

**A Gnomeregan run I recently healed on my shaman – I saw this odd spell coming out of one of the DPSers, had a momentary lapse where I forgot what class the guy was, hovered my pointer over him, was jolted by the fact that he was a warlock, and then had to target him (the tank wasn’t taking a whole lot of damage anyway) to see what he was casting.  My jaw was shattered by the sheer velocity with which it hit the floor.  You would think I would have known what he was casting, but I haven’t cast Drain Mana since patch 3.0, so I never saw the new graphics.  I was, suffice it to say, appalled.

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No Warlocks Need Apply.

July 31, 2009 at 9:52 am (Raiding, Warlock)

Seen yesterday, in Trade channel (yes, yes, I know, I turned it back off, but for a while there, I just couldn’t look away):

“LF6DPS VoA-25.  No hunters, death knights, or warlocks, all others welcome. PST.”



Okay, let’s start with the fact that you’re looking for 6 DPS.  That suggests you’re not all that close to having built the group yet (yes, I know, DPS are dime a dozen, but this guy was still a nickel short, and there was more than one group in /Trade recruiting DPS for a VoA run).  I know warlocks are a rather underrepresented class at level 80 (9th out of 10, only rogues have lower representation), but hunters and (especially) death knights are not.  Per the Warcraft census (not enough data on Duskwood to give a reliable result, so I used all US PvE realms as a proxy) those three classes together make up 33% of the Alliance level 80 player population.  So, immediately, you’re knocking out a rather huge chunk of your potential DPSers, regardless of skill or gear.

The question is: why?  If the raid leader is stupid enough to simply decide “no death knights/hunters/warlocks know how to play their class”, well, there’s nothing to do for that, and I hope he/she enjoyed endlessly wiping on Emalon because he/she is a drooling idiot.  It’s not like the raid needs any diversity to speak of – DPS is DPS is DPS.  It’s clearly not a utility thing, as said raid leader didn’t feel the need to say “no rogues”, and rogues have no utility whatsoever.  Plus, you’ve eliminated two of the three classes that can do the 13% spell damage debuff on the target, so they’d better have had a boomkin, or they are seriously gimping themselves (and their non-Warlock caster DPSers).

I suppose it could be the design of the Emalon fight (specifically the need for high burst damage to take out the overcharged add before it wipes the raid), but even there, his choice of classes is bizarre.  Is a shadow priest really a better choice for burst than a Destruction warlock?  A Marksmanship hunter?  Are DKs (all DKs) really hurting for burst?  Affliction warlock, fine, that’s a rough fight for affliction, and I wouldn’t go into it specced affliction.  But this guy’s exclusion was a bit overbroad.

After that, I run out of ideas.  They’re all pet classes?  I can’t think of how that makes a difference.  The only thing I can think of (and it just occurred to me as I was writing this) is that maybe it was a semi-guild run pugging additional people, and they didn’t want anybody to compete with guildies if tier gear dropped (any other gear is going to have at least one other class potentially rolling on it anyway).  If that’s the case, okay, but a better solution would be to find out if said warlock (or whoever) actually needed the loot in question (if it’s PvP loot, for example, no way would I be interested in it, and if it’s the T8 pants, I already have them), or whether it’s just being done for badges.  Not like you can’t enforce that by means of master looter (and if it’s a semi-guild-run and they don’t have it on master looter, then they’re idiots).  Just say ahead of time “All loot of XYZ sort is reserved for guildies”, and as long as that’s made clear in advance, so that people have time to back out before being saved to the instance, it’s all good.

Anyone have any ideas on this that I’m not thinking of?

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Warlock Q&A Feedback, Part 2

July 6, 2009 at 9:26 am (Warlock)

Okay, so further mulling over the Q&A, I think I was probably a bit harsh.  There was a bit of good information in there, though I still refuse to get too excited over changes that have been many patches in the making, with no end point in sight.  I’m led to understand, though, that this vagueness is pretty typical of the Q&As so far.  The development team can’t be yanking all our chains, can they?

The soul shard comments at least tell me that Blizzard is on the right track, assuming they ever actually finish their grand revamp.  I talked before about how the problem with soul shards is that they’re all the fun of arcane powder, with none of the convenience.  It seems as though Blizzard gets that, as they specifically outline their plans to make them something we have to farm less (more convenience), and that it should be “exciting” to burn one (more fun).  So kudos to them.  Now let’s see the damn system, preferably before patch 4.0.

And obviously, as far as the nice-to-have pet-reskins, class flying mounts, etc. well, druids eventually got theirs, so hope springs eternal.

Hm, while I’m on this marathon of sunshine and daisies, maybe I’ll try to say something nice about the warlock T9 set…..no, I think that’s a bridge too far.  And the comments about Demonic Circle are still deeply stupid.  Whew, much better.  I can only take so much nice before needing insulin.

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Then again…

July 3, 2009 at 3:05 pm (Separated at Birth, Warlock)

…I suppose it could be worse.


A little worse, anyway.

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Return of the Son of Separated at Birth!

July 3, 2009 at 2:54 pm (Separated at Birth, Warlock)

T9 Warlocks:


A Faberge egg:


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