The King is Dead…

September 7, 2010 at 1:41 am (Uncategorized)

…Long live the Kingslayer.

Apparently merging with the soul of an undead Orc shaman is better than HGH.

After that, the fact that we one-shot Halion (another new kill) and that I finally got my black drake just felt like piling on.  Though I’m not giving back the dragon.  It’s so pretty.

My inner RPer is in a bit of a conundrum, though.  For the most part, the nature of raiding (the repetitious nature of attempts to take down new bosses, the frequent dying) tends to take away from story immersion.  In part because of this (and in part because I’ve downed relatively few lore-heavy bosses) I tend to think of the bosses we down as tactical objectives first, characters second.

This time, not so much.  See, my dirty little secret is that I come up with backstories for my characters.  Not elaborate novels or anything, but a summary history in my head that helps motivate me.  And if there was a figure who loomed large in Kahleena’s backstory, it was Arthas.  Sent by her parents, with her two siblings (also characters of mine) to Northshire Abbey, to escape the plague (Kahleena’s mother having been a mage of the Kirin Tor, she had a better idea than most of the danger of the plague, and yes, I am the biggest nerd on the planet, why do you ask?), Kahleena’s entire purpose in pursuing the warlock’s path (as opposed to the path of the mage, followed by her mother and her sister) was to acquire power and pursue revenge.  Upon the Scourge and its leader.  This has been in the back of my head since roughly level 10 or so (which I would have hit sometime in late December 2006).

And now he’s dead.  At the hands of her and nine of her allies.

Which leaves me with a big ol’ heaping helping of ‘now what?’

What I will actually do, of course, is keep farming ICC, and probably down him over and over again.  Because that’s how raiding works.  And in that context, the sharp division I keep in my head between my characters and me helps, because I, the player, will be taking Arthas out with my guild.  That will be me, though.  For Kahleena, the story, is over.

At least until I can cobble together some vendetta against Deathwing.  Perhaps she bought some beachfront property in Auberdine…


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