Good news for Blizzard

April 12, 2010 at 9:53 pm (WoW General)

No, I’m not making an imminent return.  Other good news.

One of the MMOs on the horizon is Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Given Bioware’s reputation, I would have said that if Blizzard wasn’t worried, they should be.  Brilliant RPGs from Baldur’s Gate II through Knights of the Old Republic show they have a great grasp of storytelling.

Then I picked up Dragon Age: Origins.

Bioware continues to live up to their reputation in terms of storytelling.  I like the characters, the writing, and the story.  But technically speaking?  This game is garbage.  They have an auto-updating downloadable content (DLC) acquiring/installing client that is broken, camera controls that are awkward when they aren’t completely worthless, the usual video-game pathfinding for NPCs, and a host of other technical annoyances big and small.  I bought a couple of DLC packs the other day.  I still can’t get them installed (or rather, the program still won’t install them – it’s a completely passive process I can’t do anything about, and it’s broken), and tech support is not exactly burning the midnight oil to help me out.

If DAO is any indication of what SWTOR is going to be like, nobody’s going to stick it out beyond the first month.  And another WoW-killer will bite the dust.

EDITED TO ADD: After going 24 hours without any feedback from tech support whatsoever, I figured out how to fix the whole DLC issue myself.  In the process, exploring the tech support forums indicates that, in ways that haven’t even begun to affect me, their last patch terribly broke the game.  And they went a month without even commenting on the problems (and they still haven’t fixed them).  Running an MMO is going to break them.  I swear, Blizzard’s greatest fortune is the incompetence of its competition.


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  1. Fierabras said,

    To be fair; WoW was in the same boat when it was launched, they simply have the benefit of 5 years of polish (and yes WoW, for all its problems, is a -very- polished game compared to its size). Coupled with an extremely good, fairly large, and well established community support team; it’s not fair to put a new entry up against Blizzard. I’d say give them a year or so to shine it up and see how they manage it.

    On an off note; it’s good to see a post from you again. Get the wander lust out of your system, soon enough Cataclysm will be gyrating its smooth navel and plump butt to entice you back in. We’ll need a good lock to hit progression hard.

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