Wherein our hero demonstrates how cheap a trollop he really is…

April 26, 2010 at 6:11 pm (WoW General)

It’s all about the loot.

I have finally returned to WoW.  I had taken some time off LotRO and WoW both to focus on single-player games (not to mention that whole rejoining-the-gainfully-employed thing), but ultimately, I was unable to resist.  Resist what?  Resist seeing what WoW looked like on my new monitor, which I’m pretty sure is the sort of monitor the President uses to see where the missiles are going.

Having spent most of my WoW career watching it on 1024×768, to see it at 1920×1080 is, well, something (even if I did have to turn a setting or two down to compensate).

However, I’ve poked my head in before.  I’ve even done what I did last night – hop in the LFD queue to do a few random heroics.  I very nearly bailed (for the evening, and for who knows how long after?) when Oculus came up.  But, we trudged through, I pretended I knew what I was doing, and we downed Eregos.  I hop over to the chest, and see everybody looting it, even after the gear’s been sharded.  Huh.  I look in my party chat screen, see several items I haven’t seen before called “Cache of the Ley-Guardian”.  Okay, guess I’ll loot too.  Don’t remember that one, but I assume it’s bribery to keep people from bitching about running Oculus.  I pop it open.

Reins of the….what, wha?

Okay, Blizz.  You got me.  I’ll stay.

Actually, it was a good night all around.  I got enough Triumph badges to buy my first piece of T9 (my guild’s in Icecrown, and now that I’m resolved to stay, I do want to join them and help out as soon as possible).  At this rate, I should have the full set fairly soon, whereupon I expect I will find myself desperately missing LotRO’s outfit system.  Because while I may have forgotten how to play, I haven’t forgotten that monstrosity of a set.

Oh, and Kel’Thuzad?  Still not a warlock.


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Good news for Blizzard

April 12, 2010 at 9:53 pm (WoW General)

No, I’m not making an imminent return.  Other good news.

One of the MMOs on the horizon is Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Given Bioware’s reputation, I would have said that if Blizzard wasn’t worried, they should be.  Brilliant RPGs from Baldur’s Gate II through Knights of the Old Republic show they have a great grasp of storytelling.

Then I picked up Dragon Age: Origins.

Bioware continues to live up to their reputation in terms of storytelling.  I like the characters, the writing, and the story.  But technically speaking?  This game is garbage.  They have an auto-updating downloadable content (DLC) acquiring/installing client that is broken, camera controls that are awkward when they aren’t completely worthless, the usual video-game pathfinding for NPCs, and a host of other technical annoyances big and small.  I bought a couple of DLC packs the other day.  I still can’t get them installed (or rather, the program still won’t install them – it’s a completely passive process I can’t do anything about, and it’s broken), and tech support is not exactly burning the midnight oil to help me out.

If DAO is any indication of what SWTOR is going to be like, nobody’s going to stick it out beyond the first month.  And another WoW-killer will bite the dust.

EDITED TO ADD: After going 24 hours without any feedback from tech support whatsoever, I figured out how to fix the whole DLC issue myself.  In the process, exploring the tech support forums indicates that, in ways that haven’t even begun to affect me, their last patch terribly broke the game.  And they went a month without even commenting on the problems (and they still haven’t fixed them).  Running an MMO is going to break them.  I swear, Blizzard’s greatest fortune is the incompetence of its competition.

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