Making it official

November 16, 2009 at 7:23 pm (Navel-Gazing)

Well, my disinclination to continue this blog has probably become quite apparent.  As I mentioned in the last post’s comments, it’s hard to remain motivated to post about WoW when you’re not playing WoW.   So, for the sake of anybody in the future who comes across this blog, I might as well make de jure what had only been the case de facto – I’m ending my stint as a WoW blogger.

What I didn’t mention previously, because I hadn’t yet reached any decision, is that even if things turn around for me personally in the near future (and they haven’t, as yet), I don’t think I will be returning to World of Warcraft, and while I “never say never”, I don’t expect that to change.

My relationship to WoW, and the degree to which I could be said to “enjoy” it, has always been a bit complicated, particularly once I began raiding.  It’s very easy for raiding to become a job instead of leisure.  More than that, though, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my relationship to World of Warcraft has not always been particularly healthy.

I’ve always tended to become obsessively interested in things, and then crash.  WoW, by its nature, takes this tendency and amplifies it to what are, for me, destructive levels.  When it’s not merely my temporary fixation keeping me interested in something, but the fact that People Are Relying On Me ™, whatever small ability I have to maintain a balanced life collapses.

We’ve all heard the jokes about World of Warcrack.   And no, WoW is not (for me, at least) an addiction (I quit smoking cigarettes earlier this year, after a decade-plus pack-a-day habit – believe me, I know addiction).  But it has been a compulsion, at least at times.  And it’s been a distraction from focusing on aspects of my life that have really needed my attention.

I’ve met many wonderful people, people I’ll miss – to the folks from Legio Vici, my thanks for a great run.  To the folks from Milites Lucis, my apologies for too short a run.  To the WoW bloggers I’ve corresponded with, thanks for the laughs.  To my readers, thank you for reading.  I hope I entertained you.


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