Ah well

October 5, 2009 at 7:11 pm (Navel-Gazing, Running Guilds Into the Ground)

It appears that, during my absence from the game, my guild has collapsed.

On some level, this is a relief.  The experience was worthwhile, but it convinced me I’m best not leading a raiding guild.  For starters, it turned out that I don’t have a fundamental trait of a good raiding guild leader – the willingness to possibly hurt somebody’s feelings to get them to improve.  Second, on more than one occasion, I deferred (on a point of strategy rather than tactics) to somebody who didn’t, ultimately, have the same investment in the guild that I did (i.e. not an officer, but someone with a level of experience that was, frankly, greater than mine).  In one case, this led to me allowing the guild to be used by somebody who was pretty clearly just in it to gear up a friend, so they could in turn jump to a faster guild.  Anyway, this sent our progression strategy back at a time when it needed to be, well, progressing.

Moral of this story – if you are conflict-averse, and not a suspicious sonofabitch, don’t try leading a guild.

Ironically, this happens just as some potential good news appears on the horizon re: the real life issues that have kept me away.  So I may be coming back to the game sometime this month.   Well, correction:  I may be able to come back sometime this month.  Whether I will come back is another question – I find myself trying to figure out whether it’s worth the bother.  Yet another imploding raiding guild, and a rapidly-passing expansion, is leaving me pretty sure I need to be doing something different.  Icecrown’s on the PTR, I’m halfway through Ulduar, and I’m beginning to think that it’s TBC all over again.  I didn’t get to see endgame then, either, as the guilds I was in  blew up, ran out of time, or I had real-life stuff compel my absence.  I don’t know whether hopping servers or factions would help (my inner RP nerd could rationalize a faction shift from human to undead pretty easily – thank you Plague of Undeath).  And it’s not like I’m returning to the game immediately, so I have some time to figure it out.

Still, feh.  I can’t pretend I didn’t have higher hopes than this.



  1. Salvaenus@khadgar.eu said,

    I feel your pain. I’ve quit as I was in THE EXACT situation as you are now. I just can’t justify 55€ for a faction/server change and then not knowing:
    A. if my RL will continue to allow me to be a part of a progressing guild
    B. if A = True if the Guild I join is capable of clearing all the content still on my TODO list before the release of 3.3.
    I wish you GL with your endeavors and hope you find something to do with your freetime ;D

    • Tamarind said,

      Hey you, International Man of Mystery 🙂 You always have friends and a place by the campfire with Tam ‘n’ Chas – not that we’re a reason to play WoW, of course =P

    • Kahleena said,

      Thanks – if I found the right circumstance, I’d consider the faction/server change (maybe). I definitely wouldn’t do it “on spec”, as it were. And your caveats are definitely worth keeping in mind.

  2. Tamarind said,


    I’m sorry your guild went out with a whimper – but, even though you weren’t massively happy with some of the decisions you made, ultimately I think it probably has far more to do with you having to have been away. Running a WoW guild, I suspect, is nothing something you can do when life is kicking your arse six ways to Sunday.

    I’m really happy to hear that your personal circumstances have alleviated to the point where – if you want to – you can come back. Obviously M’Pocket Tank and have gone through something much more minor but a little bit similar with guild trauma and general feh with Emerald Dream. It got the point where we realised that we had To Make A Serious Change or Accept that Endgame WoW Has Nothing To Offer Us. Tentatively, I think all is well.

    Whether you consider yourself a successful raid leader (and let’s face it no leader never makes mistake) or not, you’re still fantastic 🙂

    • Kahleena said,

      My co-leader had taken over as GM, so the guild was being led (by someone who, to be quite honest, is a better raid leader than I am). And from talking to him, I’m getting that the circumstances behind people departing were generally ones that were in place already when I left – not quite enough people recruited to have a lot of leeway if some folks didn’t log on. I’m a little disappointed more people weren’t willing to stick it out a little longer, but what can you do?

      As to personal circumstances, I’m definitely not counting my chickens just yet. But things are looking up.

      And thank you for the condolences/sympathy/ego stroking. 🙂

      • Tamarind said,

        Hehe, courtesy of the joint brain 🙂

  3. Night said,

    So, yeah, I logged on over the weekend, and nothing happened when I hit G, which normally pulls up the guild screen. Sure enough, when you say “collapsed”, you weren’t kidding. Night (and Ag and Nano) is guildless. Karley (and Twice) too. *sob*

    Probably not a bad thing, as we are pretty busy IRL with the baby, but there’s still that thought in the back of my mind that we contributed, if only a little bit, to the guild’s downfall by not being there for raids. But it is what it is.

    I for one thought you did a pretty good job running the guild when you were playing. You were fair in assigning raiding slots, and I really liked the EPGP system, the way it rewards progression attempts. It just ended up being a numbers game, as it always seems to be….just not enough raiders. From what I’ve seen through four casual raiding guilds now, it’s extremely hard to raid casually: too few people and the raid doesn’t make progress, too many people and somebody is left out. And you never know on any given day which of the two conditions you’ll end up. (Having exactly 25 raiders of the right composition is the theoretically possible but never physically observed condition. It’s like physics….there *may* be a magnetic monopole out there, but it hasn’t yet been observed in nature. But I digress…) But given the conditions, I think you did a pretty good job in leading Milites Of the Incorrect Latin Name, and team up with you again.

    That being said, I missed the “gear up a friend” thing, as I was out a lot. Who was doing this? Yes, I’m asking you to name names. Why not? ;^)

    Hope you make it back soon.

    • Kahleena said,

      Sorry you had to find out that way, and appreciate the words of support. And no, I’m not going to name names. Nice try though. 🙂

      • Night said,

        Awwww. =^( (Heh heh heh)

  4. Night said,

    Awww. ;^)

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