DDO: The first login

September 20, 2009 at 10:16 am (Exile in DDOville)

Okay, so, after downloading, patching, repairing, etc., I’m ready to play Dungeons & Dragons Online.  Good to go.  I’ll show Blizzard, with its annoying making-me-pay-money-in-exchange-for-services policies.

I’m actually kind of excited.  I used to love D&D, though I haven’t played since around the time 3.5 edition was just coming out.   So it’s been a while.  The nice thing is, for computer gamers, if you’ve played Knights of the Old Republic, or Neverwinter Nights, you have the basic ideas of the mechanics down (i.e. skills, feats, armor class, etc.)

Anyway, I start up the game, and I’m at the rather-familiar-looking character selection screen.

Reinviting the wheel was clearly not a priority

Reinventing the wheel was clearly not a priority

Wait, hold on.  What’s that in the corner?

“Characters:  0 of 2”

Okay, that’s a bit draconian, but presumably, that’s only on this server.  Surely.  Pardon me while I go scurry off to the website to verify that.

Huh.  On a free-to-play account, I get two characters.  Period.  As an altoholic, that’s going to be a problem.  Apparently, I can buy more character slots – ay, there’s the rub.  I gather that, if I play/grind obsessively enough, I can buy (with in-game currency of some sort) anything I could buy with money.  I will be keeping an eye out to see how much grinding is “enough”, but already, I’m looking at the game with a bit of a jaundiced eye.  I’m pretty sure confining me to 2 characters is a violation of a Geneva Convention or something.  I’m one of those complete freaks for whom character creation (the more in-depth, the better, so WoW kind of falls down on this front) is actually fun.  The theme “You get what you pay for” is already making itself felt.  This will not be the last time.

EDITED TO ADD:  Okay, next time, perhaps instead of relying on what I read on the internet, I’ll try it out myself.  It’s two characters per server.  Much better.  At least this way, I’ll get to try out every class.


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  1. DDO: My First Character (sorta) « Fel Deeds Awake! said,

    […] TO ADD: See prior post update – I was incorrect re: the character limit, it’s two characters per server. […]

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