September 16, 2009 at 5:46 pm (Navel-Gazing)

Well, having just returned to the blog, due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ll be letting my subscription to WoW lapse in three days.  While not necessarily inconsistent with blogging, I certainly expect it to dampen my ardor more than a little.  I can see the entry now:  “Patch Day today, patch looks great, pity I can’t play it.  Dungeons & Dragons Online anyone?”  Ah well.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon, economic recovery willing.  Guildies, keep kicking ass in Ulduar.  Non-guildies, thanks for reading, hope to see you again soon.


1 Comment

  1. sylly said,

    take good care, kahleena! Sylly loves you as ever! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

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