Soul Shards Are Dead, Long Live Soul Shards

August 22, 2009 at 1:09 am (Warlock)

So, the live blog is a bit cryptic, but to the extent I can discern what Blizzard announced re: soul shards, I was largely right, I think.  It sounds like soul shards will largely resemble runes as a resource, and they will be consumed with a new spell, Soul Burn.  Casting Soul Burn will, apparently, burn a shard for the duration of the combat, but the next spell will be amplified – Fear would become instant cast, for example, and presumably a damage spell would just do more damage.  So basically, we’re looking at soul shards actually giving us some cooldowns to burn.

If I’m understanding this correctly, then I’m thrilled.  Not only because we will, at long last, have five bag spaces, but because this adds a level of tactical complexity to the class that wasn’t there, which I like.  Decisions as to when to burn a shard, coming to understand the effects of burning a shard on all of our (many many) spells….it sounds, in short, completely awesome. (“What, like a hot dog?“)

I’ll wait until Blizzcon’s over to comment on much else, but suffice it to say, this expansion is going to either (a) be completely freaking brilliant, or (b) utterly wreck the game.  Completely altering all the existing zones the way they are is seriously gutsy.  I’m actually looking forward to leveling more alts through Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor, though, which I didn’t expect would ever be the case.

I really hope somebody stresses to Blizzard this weekend, though, exactly how cranky their player base is going to be if they don’t increase the number of toons per server.  I’m going to be really unhappy if I can’t have  a Worgen on my home Alliance server.



  1. Abi said,

    I can’t wait to actually try out the new changes in-game. I have faith that it won’t be completely terrible but I expect lots of complaints from people until they figure out how to use them properly.

    Kudos on the Eddie Izzard reference, btw!

  2. Chastity said,

    Seconded on the “I hope they increase the number of alts you can have per server”. I’m not *quite* pathetic enough to start a second account just to have a Worgen and a Goblin.

    As somebody who dabbles in Warlockery a bit himself, I’m super-excited by the Soul Shard changes, although part of me kind of misses the fact that they no longer seem to come from sucking the souls out of your enemies.

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