Make Up Your Mind

August 21, 2009 at 7:29 pm (WoW General)

Okay, so since time immemorial (well, since TBC dropped), I’ve heard and read members of the (classic) Horde griping without end about being saddled with the blood elves.  The blood elves were simply too pretty to be Horde (forgetting the fact that, as a matter of lore, The Sin’dorei and their bitter, fascist little elven collection of hovels up there in Silvermoon certainly belong in the Horde, as anybody who knows the significance of the name Garithos will understand).  Kids, you see, played Alliance (with their aesthetically appealing races that more sophisticated gamers wouldn’t touch).  Trendy gothy-loving anime-freak poseurs played blood elves.  And probably read Twilight too.


As probably everybody reading is perfectly aware, the mmo-champion-leaked info about Cataclysm turned out to be correct, and the Horde is getting goblins as a playable race, while the Alliance is getting the worgen.  And, if one spends any time in the forums, one sees Horde players are…shall we say…underwhelmed with this development.

Seems to me, the Horde got an aesthetically-unappealing (well, by conventional human standards) race that survives on their wits.  A race with character and humor.  Meanwhile, the Alliance got werewolves.  And Horde players are spitting nails.

Now, what this illustrates is the real issue many Horde players have with the blood elves, and it has nothing to do with who plays them, or some sort of inconsistency with the character of the Horde.  It’s because blood elves (particularly excessively-pretty blood elf males) make insecure teenage boys even more insecure.  Which certainly calls into question the bill of goods Horde players are rather fond of selling regarding the vast maturity differential between them and the “kiddies” who play Alliance.



  1. Re: Blizzcon Costumes | 2fps said,

    […] Hordies there at the convention would have likely have ripped him apart. Heaven knows they get all kinds of insecure just by having blood elf characters in their same faction in game. […]

  2. Chastity said,

    The Horde prejudice against Alliance players always really annoys me, and not only because I have characters on both sides of the fence. It just strikes me as a fundamental Law of Life: if you have to say you are X, you are probably not very X. If the Horde were so mature, they wouldn’t need to go on about how mature they were.

  3. Sulaymani said,

    There’s another aspect to this. The Horde regards Gnomes as the least of the Alliance races. They’re not only getting gipped on the werewolves, they’re being given Gnome equivalents.

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