Sigh. Figures.

August 14, 2009 at 10:06 am (Raiding)

Alas, Blizzard is backsliding.  Per Zarhym re: the new Onyxia mount:

The drop rate will be extremely low. One day I will have it, though as soon as I loot it I’ll probably be struck by lightning on a sunny day and attacked by a shark, all while in the presumed comfort of my living quarters.

One thing Blizzard did quite nicely in a couple of cases in Wrath is move away from the lightning-strike model of mount drops (Ashes of A’lar, Attumen, etc.).  Obtaining the bronze drake requires a hard-mode performance of CoS.  Obtaining the Twilight or Black drakes requires a hard-mode performance of OS.  However, if you accomplished these (I’ve done the first, but not (yet) the second), it’s a 100% drop rate.  Rare, to be sure (well, the OS drakes are, anyway), but worth the attempt.  Because you absolutely can get both, if you’re willing to put in the effort.  It’s within reach if you put your mind to it.

There is no point, however, in attempting to go for a one-in-a-thousand mount from a once-a-week boss.  You can do absolutely nothing to improve your chances.  In a given year, you’ll get fifty-two attempts.  That’s a 5.07% chance your raid will see it drop at some point over the course of a year.  Then you have to win the roll (if you’re interested in the mount, unless the drop rate is different between 10 and 25 man, I strongly suggest going 10-man).  This is not something to aspire to – the return on investment, time-wise, is far too weak.  This is the in-game equivalent of buying a lottery ticket.  Lotteries are a tax on people who can’t do math, and this mount is an incentive for those same people.

People will do the instance (just as they do Malygos), but the mount will not be a motivating factor (just as nobody does Malygos to get a blue drake, and nobody’s grinding Kael’thas at 80 to try to get the big fiery bird).



  1. Shayzani said,

    I would totally grind Kael’thas.

    Wait, what? What mount?

    • Kahleena said,

      Uh, seen him in MgT? He’s a touch past his sell-by date, methinks.

      • Night said,

        Yeah, but that was just a set-back.

      • Tamarind said,

        Hey, M’Pocket Tank and I grind him regularly in the intimate setting of MagT and he’s still got it, I tell you, he’s still got it. Not quite at his best when impaled on an enormous spike but he’s still mostly fabulous 😉

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