August 11, 2009 at 10:14 am (Navel-Gazing)

Have a busy week in store, so this will be a somewhat low-production week.  Some collected thoughts:

  • It has occurred to me that one of the perils of blogging under my own character’s name, and not having made a secret of it vis-a-vis my in-game friends (indeed, my guild’s website has, in what was probably not one of my most clever moves, a link to my RSS feed), is that there are limits to how candid I can be about the joys of running a guild.  Which is a pity – I’ve had many, many things to say that, alas, I can’t (or, more to the point, I can’t and still be a good guild leader, as one doesn’t air dirty laundry in a non-anonymous  way).  Things are going reasonably well (we downed our first two 25-man bosses as a guild yesterday – Flame Leviathan and Deconstructor – both with only 21 people.)  Still, the need to self-censor is annoying.
  • “From Level One to Level Awesome!” will continue shortly.  Next topic will, in all likelihood, be pet management (in light of the upcoming arrival of level 10 and Morgulion’s second pet).
  • Also currently in progress – my joint column with Shayzani.  Stay tuned.
  • Yes, I will be applying for the WoW.com warlock columnist position.  Wish me luck.  Of course, given the slavering hordes of Warlock-playing WoW players, whoever gets the position is going to need all the luck they can get.


  1. Night said,

    So, when do you start your anonymous blog, and where can I sign up for it, o illustrious guild leader? ;^)

    • Kahleena said,

      Find the funniest, best-written, most engaging blog you can that isn’t written under the name “Kahleena”. You may safely assume that’s my secret bigamous “other blog”.

      • Night said,

        Oh, so you write “In My Sissy Robe”? ;^)

      • Kahleena said,

        I was prepared to be irritated, but I did say “that isn’t written under the name ‘Kahleena'”, so it’s all good. And actually, it’s now Righteous Orbs. I am, in fact, secretly two cranky British guys.

  2. Tamarind said,

    I’m going to pretend I didn’t read the comment above because I’m too British to cope with such kind words 🙂 *blush* Anyway, you’re absolutely an honorary cranky British guy and a thoroughly righteous orb 🙂

    Good luck with the warlock WoW.com column application – you’d be excellent, and I hope you get it. Between leading a guild and writing WoW.com you dominance of the fel deeds of Azeroth will be complete.

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