Now taking your questions!

August 6, 2009 at 11:50 pm (From Level One to Level Awesome!, Warlock)

So, what’s a “Warlocks for Dummies” course without Q&A time?  Shayzani of the excellent 2fps (who has done the first couple of posts in her own Letters to a Young Warlock series, see here and here) and I will be taking your questions!  Post your questions here (or on her blog, when she posts her question solicitation.)  Gear selection questions?  Talent questions?  Specs for leveling?  Whatever your warlock questions, post them, and Shazani and I will give our feedback.

EDITED TO ADD:  You can also send me a question privately at feldeeds at gmail dot com.  I should really figure out how to put in one of those contact-me pages.



  1. The phone lines are open! at 2fps said,

    […] have a question you’d like us to answer, feel free to comment here on this post or over at Kahleena’s page. You can also pose your questions privately by sending an email or using my contact […]

  2. Temitope said,

    I’ve got loads of questions, but they’re all kind of specific to my playstyle – like “what advice would you have for a level 66 Warlock trying to three-man Outland with a Cow Warrior and a Tree”.

    I’m running Destro at the moment – if you can remember anything about how Destruction plays in late Outland that’d be cool. Ooh – that was what I wanted to ask: should I invest in Improved Soul Leech?

    Wow, that was amazingly incoherent.

  3. Warlock Q&A with Kahleena | 2fps said,

    […] little while back Kahleena and I decided to co-author a little warlock Q&A with questions taken from our readers. The post was delayed a bit due to various reasons […]

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