A Guildie’s Suggestion

August 4, 2009 at 1:23 pm (From Level One to Level Awesome!, Warlock)

So, one of my guildies was leveling his warlock recently, and picking my brain regarding gear choices.  As I tend to do when asked to give an opinion (or when drunk), I waxed a bit professorial, and he said “You know, you should really do some sort of ‘Warlocks for Dummies’ thing on your blog.”  I demurred, because that information is already out there…at this site, and that site, and some other forum, which if you search….hmm…..seems a bit scattered, now that I think about it.  Perhaps there’s something to be said for consolidation.

So, I’m hereby announcing that I will be doing something of an ongoing series on warlocks for those who are newbies to the class.  This way, all six of my readers (five of whom probably already have high-level warlocks anyway) can benefit from my hastily compiled random-ass guesses carefully considered assessments as to how to best go From Level One to Level Awesome!(tm).*  Come to think of it, I think I just came up with the title of the series.  Go me.

Obviously, all opinions are entirely my own, as though they could be anything else.  Doubtless someone will come into the comments (perhaps a seventh reader!) who will tell me that I’m completely ignoring the clear benefits of the 18/24/19 leveling spec.  That’s what comments are for.  Get down with your bad self.  However, I feel no great compulsion to be absolutely exhaustive – I’m doing this primarily to entertain myself (being inordinately fond of the sound of my own voice, and the tint of my own pixels), and hopefully educate a few warlocks in what not to do.  Because if I run another instance run where a warlock spends the bulk of his/her time casting Drain Mana**, I may slit their wrists.  What, you thought I was going to slit my own wrists?  Please.  I’m not the one draining mana instead of, y’know, DPSing.

One area that will go grossly under-addressed in this guide is PvP.  Because I don’t care.  If I disparage some spell as utterly worthless (see: Drain Mana) that actually has some PvP merit, well, that’s what comments are for.  I’ll take your word for it.

Time permitting, I think I may even add a practical component to this instruction by leveling another warlock.  After all, the memory of level 10, or level 20, on Kahleena is more than a little fuzzy, and rather a lot has changed (I hit both when we were between patch 2.0 and TBC release).  No commitments, though.  And it would have to be on some other server, as I already have 10 characters on Duskwood.

Any particular thoughts or suggestions about this project, or things I should address, let me know here – as I said, I’m primarily doing this for my own amusement, but my own amusement is much improved by actually having a receptive audience.

*Please note that, for the proper effect, one should say “From Level One to Level Awesome!” with a smile that only involves one side of the mouth, followed by a wink, a slight clicking sound with one’s tongue, and pointing with both hands in that firing-an-imaginary-gun-made-up-of-one’s-index-fingers-and-thumbs kind of way kids do when they lack an actual toy gun.  The smarmier, the better.

**A Gnomeregan run I recently healed on my shaman – I saw this odd spell coming out of one of the DPSers, had a momentary lapse where I forgot what class the guy was, hovered my pointer over him, was jolted by the fact that he was a warlock, and then had to target him (the tank wasn’t taking a whole lot of damage anyway) to see what he was casting.  My jaw was shattered by the sheer velocity with which it hit the floor.  You would think I would have known what he was casting, but I haven’t cast Drain Mana since patch 3.0, so I never saw the new graphics.  I was, suffice it to say, appalled.



  1. D said,

    I look forward to it, especially since it will be constructed with “carefully considered assessments” from an actual, honest to goodness warlock. A level awesome one, at that! I know very few warlocks. 😛

    I do have a nice little blood elf warlock sitting pretty at level 41 with a nice fel puppy. I do not know what to do with her – she only got that high of a level because of Recruit-a-Friend, in which I ran her and her leveling partner over and over again through RFC, then SFK, then SM with my newly-created DK (I have two computers and the second account was my own – handy!) Needless to say, I have no idea what I’m doing or how to play her when soloing – ever since RAF ended I’ve done virtually nothing with her except work on her JC/herbalism skills (my DK picked up Inscription because I already had herbs in the bank from another toon and I had leveled it up to above 100 before creating the warlock, so when the warlock picked JC I knew I needed mining, which is more beneficial for the DK .. hence the crossed professions).

    • Kahleena said,

      Thank you kindly – hope the series turns out to be useful. And of course, it’s easy to snicker at people without exhaustive knowledge of one’s own class, while cheerfully disregarding one’s own ignorance. I have a shadow priest that I have made virtually every incorrect decision I possibly can make while leveling her (her professions are chosen not so much to benefit her as to benefit my small army of alts, and especially to benefit my warlock), and while when she was level-capped at 70, I gave careful consideration to her spec, those days are pretty much over), and a Death Knight with an unholy spec that would probably make any experienced DK’s eyes bleed (yes, I”m level 73, with no points in any tree other than unholy, is there a problem?). Though I will say that spending an entire instance run casting drain mana is in a special category of bizarre.

  2. Shayzani said,

    I’ve been working on something similar, we should collaborate on a post about this someday.

    /proud to be one of the six

    • Kahleena said,

      I think that’s a great idea – I’ll drop you a line. And thank you for reading!

  3. Chrno said,

    I’m definitely looking forward to this! I started reading your blog a few days ago and only just started a warlock a few days before that, so she’s is sitting at 21 right now (waiting for a friend to catch up).

  4. Tamarind said,

    This is going to be awesome *smirk, wink, finger-point*

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