The More, the Merrier

August 3, 2009 at 9:40 am (Running Guilds Into the Ground)

So, our guild has added another decent-sized bunch of people, and we’re now in that awkward phase where we have enough raiders that even if a few don’t log on, we can still run something, but if everybody logs on, then there’s sitting to be done.  We had to ask our first raider to sit last night, which I absolutely hated doing.  We also have people I don’t know (they’re friends/family of raiders I do know), which is a first.  At some point I may compose a thoughtful meditation on how it feels to see your creation start to creep outside your control, or at the very least, outside your supervision.  But honestly, that sounds like effort, so screw introspection.

Continuing our efforts in 10-man Naxx, we cleared construct wing (and yes, Tam, having Patchwerk beating on your face is a bit intimidating, even in lots of spiky metal armor, and even though the tank soaking the hateful strikes (which wasn’t me) has, I think, the more dangerous job), and got the first two bosses in military wing down before we ran out of time (half our raid turns into pumpkins promptly at 11, so there’s no “one more attempt”, which I actually rather like.)   Current plan is to finish Naxx10 tonight, and if we get it done in time, head to Sartharion.  We also one-shot Flame Leviathan, which rocked, but decided against going any further in Ulduar because our second tank (namely me) was in no way remotely geared for it (and frankly, I already spend the gold to get Kahleena all the spiffiest enchants and shiniest gems – having to do that for a second toon, that I don’t intend to play much, would bankrupt me).  We have recruited a tank or two (one joined last night, in the middle of our Naxx raid, and one is on the way), so I shall hopefully be able to bid farewell, for now, to my new role as guild offtank.  Our awesome corps of healers, who have had to put up with my fumbling efforts to keep the bad guys from smashing their faces in, will probably be relieved.

But despite our recruiting, we’re not yet at 25-mans (or at having two 10-man teams).  After this week, our membership should be in somewhat less flux, and we should be able to see clearly what it is we need, and hopefully the twelve-online-for-a-ten-man-raid thing won’t be a recurring problem.  Oh, and we did recruit a very skilled, incredibly geared healer who happens to be my ex-guildmaster (not the one from Legio, the one from the guild before that).  So now there’s someone in-guild who can snicker into her hand at my naivete regarding running a raiding guild – I think of her as sitting in for all six of you fine people who read my blog.

I have to say, though, my greatest accomplishment, based on the experiences of every raiding guild I’ve ever been in?  Invites at 8:00.  Invites completed 8:01 (someone got d/c’d).  Final determination of group makeup (i.e. who’s sitting): 8:05.  First pull: 8:15.  That is how I like to do things.  25-mans will no doubt take a little longer.  But on the other hand, I hope to shorten that timeline even more.  At the very least, we’re off to a good start.



  1. Night said,

    Re: raiding timelines, I really liked how that worked last night, getting off to such a quick start. We had three or four people by the stone by the time invites started, too. That just makes it a lot easier to knock off at eleven, when you’ve gotten a solid amount of time in raiding beforehand (as opposed to a first pull at, say, 9:15).

    Oh, and re: the hateful bolts, the off-tank didn’t catch all of them. My little aggro monkey rogue caught the first one. ;^)


    P.S. Just curious, is the offtank on the way my alt? If so, I’ve got some work to do! ;^)

    • Kahleena said,

      No, the offtank on the way is another raider, specifically a paladin. I don’t want people’s alts to be crutches, I’d rather people were playing the characters they want to play. That, of course, includes me.

      One of my biggest frustrations with raiding has always been time between attempts, or time before first pull. A prior guild of mine (not LV), the gaps in time between attempts or pulls could be positively epic. In 25-man, healing assignments can take a bit of time, to be sure, but otherwise, one of my biggest ambitions is to have this guild have the smallest amount of downtime possible between 8-11 on raid nights. Nine hours a week isn’t much, so I want to make every minute of it count. The other 159 hours, we can be casuals. 🙂

      • Night said,

        Come on, admit it, you had to use a calculator there, didn’t you? ;^)

        To tell you the truth, I’m actually really enjoying playing the pally these days. Probably not enough to make her my main, but I think enough to take her on a raid or two, when the situation warrants it. I’m going to spec her prot/holy, because it always helps to have a tank/healer in your pocket in a pinch.

  2. Shayzani said,

    There aren’t many things I enjoy more than having things go according to schedule when it comes to raid leading. Getting the raid started on time is pretty critical in keeping everyone focused.

    Don’t be afraid to crack the whip if that ever starts to slack.

    • Kahleena said,

      Heh, yep. When I’m not leading a raid (say, in a PUG, or in raids with my prior raiding guilds), I sometimes have to bite my tongue to refrain from asking whether the start of the raid, or the pull, is pending an engraved invitation from the boss. Being raid leader (or, at the very least, GM), my inner punctuality obsessive can come out to play.

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