A good first step

July 31, 2009 at 1:12 am (Raiding, Running Guilds Into the Ground)

So, the Guild Which Shall Not Be Named Because People Will Make Fun of My Latin had its first night of real not-playing-around-in-vanilla-content raiding tonight.  First fun discovery – the answer to that question “I wonder when they’re sending out raid invites” that passed briefly through my head was “Whenever you get off your ass and do it, because you’re the guildmaster.”  Oh yeah.  I suppose I’ll be used to that eventually.  I’m also terrible with authority – not in the I-turn-into-Genghis-Khan sense, but in the sense that I’m far more likely to preface my “Switch over to your main characters for invites” request with embellishments like “whenever’s convenient for you”, “if it’s not to much trouble”, or “unless there are any objections, of course.”  I assume time and many evenings of trying to do the equivalent of herding cats will eventually cure me of that.

Anyway, it wasn’t the most ambitious night of raiding ever, but we cleared two quarters of Naxx-10 (spider and plague wings) with nine people.  And one of those nine people was me off-tanking on my pally, which I’m absolutely terrible at, so really, it was like we had eight and a half.  Maybe 8 1/4.  I did get a few nice pieces of loot though, including my tier shoulders.  Which will make me a slightly better-geared mediocre tank.

Lots of rust needed to be shaken off, even from those of us who weren’t spending our time muttering “No, you’re supposed to pull aggro, it’s kind of your job,” to ourselves.  But that’s why we started out easy.  Anyway, we have a very solid core of raiders, so I’m really excited to see how we do in Ulduar, which will be real progression for many of us (I’ve seen about half of it in 10-man, but some of our raiders have never been, or have only downed the first boss, so I’m excited to see what happens).  I’m also very excited that we will, eventually, recruit a second geared, competent tank, and I will be free to resume blowing stuff up, which is what I’m best at.

Okay, okay, I’m officially done bitching about my tanking skills.  Or lack thereof.

In addition to our nine raiders from this evening, and a tenth currently on vacation, we have two more on the way from my old guild (probably joining us next week, when one of them returns from vacation) – a tank and a healer.  Score!  Also interesting are the mutterings that we may be absorbing some old long-ago raiding buddies of ours (“ours” referring to me and a couple of my officers) whose current guild appears to be in its death throes (diagnosis – a terminal case of guild drama).  Given that they’re not children, or addicted to drama themselves (in fact, they’re fleeing it), the more the merrier – if this keeps up, we may be in 25 mans sooner than I anticipated.  Meaning before Satan needs to put on a sweater.  At the very least, we will have enough people that we don’t have to pray for every single guild member to log on (in what is, after all, not a hardcore guild) in order to run a raid.

Other shoe is no doubt dropping in 3…..2…..1……


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