The stupid, it burnsss….

July 27, 2009 at 9:19 am (Navel-Gazing, Uncategorized)

Every so often, something happens that makes me wish Mighty Ponygirl were still blogging.  Apparently EA is….well, best to just go look at the story (hat tip: Tamarind).  Long and the short of it, as part of their promotion of their game “Inferno”, EA apparently encouraged men attending Comicon to molest the women who work the EA booth.

Let me just point out, that, I am not a lawyer…..oh, wait, actually, I am.  This is a deeply, deeply stupid thing for EA to do on that basis alone, totally forgetting what this stupid promotion says to women (and non-douchebag men) who might be interested in buying an EA product

They’re apparently apologizing, and indicating they just meant people should take their picture with the booth workers.  Because, of course, when I think of acts of lust, the first thing that comes to mind is a bit of tasteful photography.

And not that it needs pointing out, but one gathers from the description of the event that they didn’t have strapping young men (say, from marketing) for the women and gay men attending Comicon to molest take pictures with.  Go figure.

Just from a self-interested perspective, you would think that the jackasses who constantly lament that not enough women play video games might begin to consider the effect of this kind of behavior on women’s interest in gaming (and gamers).  And one wonders why those of us on the geekier end of the spectrum don’t exactly have the world’s best reputation.  Anyone else remember the whole GroperGate thing at WorldCon from a year or two back?



  1. Naïve said,

    I’ve been reading about this little stunt in blogs everywhere I turn on the internet, and yet again I have to say it: Idiots! Stupid, retarded, incompetent idiots! As a girl, EA’s probably hoping I love them for The Sims and Spore and the rest of their comfty and mushy games. Oh, come on. If I’m goiong to play one of their games, I’d rather try out something that sounds fun. Like that new game they’ve got cooking. But, wait, what was that? You just chased me as a buyer away with a broom, while yelling “shoooo!!” at the top of your lungs? Yes. Yes EA, you just did.

    Try less sexist next launch, yes?

  2. Tamarind said,

    It really does offend on every conceivable level doesn’t it? I mean not only that they are chasing away female gamers with a broom as Naive points out above but they’re making horrendous judgments about male gamers as well. Because absolutely do we want to spend our time at con pawing sweatily at bored and uncomfortable strangers.

    Oh God, and the Open Source Boob project – another sterling attempt to make everybody look as bad and stupid as possible.

  3. Viscount said,

    Hmmm I was at Comic con and didnt know this… I actually saw the girls at the booth for Dante’s Inferno (they were wearing enough padding with their costumes that I dont think it is physically possible to do anything lusty with them) and I kind of wondered why all the guys were lining up to take pictures with them, even more then the other girls, given how they were dressed.
    Well to make this even funnier, these same girls actually stopped me and wanted to take my picture… I happened to be there wearing a unique shirt with a picture of Ronald McDonald in a spedo with the Words, “Natural Redhead” printed on it, and of course there was obvious proof from the picture that old Ronald, was a natural redhead… Well as a fellow redhead I had to show my pride with this shirt…
    I just thought it was an interesting switch that a booth babe wanted to take a picture of me.

    • Kahleena said,

      I can never unsee the mental image of that shirt. Thanks oodles. 🙂

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