That which we call a rose…

July 23, 2009 at 1:56 pm (Running Guilds Into the Ground)

So many things to consider, when starting a raiding guild.  So many, it sort of terrifies me.  The vent server alone has me worried, as I don’t have the first clue how to get one, what it costs (if the answer is “more than nothing”, I’m in trouble).  Then obviously, there’s setting up the administration of the guild, who would make good officers, and working out all those petty logistics (policies, schedules, building a website, etc.).

So naturally, I’m spending my time thinking about the guild name.

We (my co-founder and I) were considering just taking my banking guild, in which case, we would have been stuck with the name “S o l u s” (with spaces between the letters, because apparently “Solus” without spaces was already taken, and I panicked when I was turning in the charter).  However, that name was chosen for my bank guild because it means “alone” in Latin, so turning it into a group guild would create a guild-name disconnect that would bug me (yes, I’m a freak, but you knew that).  Plus, I need a banking guild to store mats for my gazillion alts.

So, now, the sky’s the limit namewise.  Both of us like names of a more epic feel, so the initial joke “Guildless Rejects of Duskwood” (our server) is out.  Plus I’m pretty sure it’s too long.

Any l33tspeak is out of the question – I’m not an RPer, but Kahleena, Warlock, Wielder of Darkness, child of refugees from destroyed Lordaeron, Conjurer of Demons and Inflicter of Disease, would not belong to an organization called ImaPwnULOL.

And that leaves us….absolutely nowhere.  At a certain point, too many choices (i.e. “choose any name whatsoever, as long as it hasn’t already been taken and isn’t deeply stupid”) tends to lead to paralysis.  Where’s my English-Latin dictionary….


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