Guild applications

July 22, 2009 at 11:21 pm (Raiding)

So, realizing that, in fact, the raiding bug was not going away, but would continue to nibble at my ankle until I did something about it, I submitted my first full-blown guild application (my joining A New Dawn was under special circumstances, and I basically had an in with a few members of Legio Vici – I honestly don’t even remember if I completed a full application for either one).  The catalyst for this particular application was seeing a recruiting thread, and seeing a prominent guild on my server needed a warlock.  So, what the heck – I put in an app.  I liked the policies as outlined on the guild’s site.

First thought:  clearly, I wasn’t missing anything in avoiding the guild application process before.  I’ve had medical tests for the sorts of illnesses one doesn’t discuss in polite company that were less thorough.  I’ve never led a guild, but I can only assume that on some level, it’s an idiot filter – someone who’s too impatient, arrogant, or ADHD-addled to fill out a 30-to-45-minute application is someone you probably don’t want raiding with you.

Second thought:  this is probably the hardest-core raiding guild I’ve applied to.  I’m definitely punching above my weight here.  If they decide I’m not yet adequately geared, that’s cool (I got one boss into Ulduar25 with LV, whereas these guys are working on Yogg-Saron, so obviously, that’s a pretty steep gap).  I will find it hard to entirely blame them, much as I can’t entirely dismiss some of the criticisms of my gear/gems/chants that came from one of the guild’s warlocks, though other criticisms I thought were, in context, not correct, and (politely) said as much.

Third thought: anxiety.  I don’t know anybody in this guild.  Thus, I don’t know the guild’s Asshat Quotient.  Which is, I suppose, the point of the initiatory period – not only for them to audition me, but me to audition them.  On some level, I internalized the idea that a hardcore raiding guild must necessarily be made up of asshats (probably because the “hardest core” members of my first raiding guild were wannabe-hardcores, as Temitope characterized them).  I certainly hope it’s not, at any rate.

Final thought:  re: the warlock mentioned above, clearly, there’s no professional courtesy among demon-summoning disease-inflicting nether-twisting Servitors and Manipulators of Darkness.  Who knew?


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