July 21, 2009 at 9:10 am (Uncategorized)

….and in a somewhat better mood.  Mainly because my camping trip is over and done with.  Why did I think camping was a good idea?  Me, urban computer geek lawyer from Cambridge, Massachusetts?  Camping?  Really?  Complete with leaky tent, bugs, and the complete inability to wash my hands (I’m borderline OCD about washing my hands, though that, alas, doesn’t translate to cleaning my apartment).  Yeah, that was a well-thought-out plan.

Huh.  How did I get 2300 page views in one day last week?  Wow, the power of a Sylly link (or five) is amazing.

Anyway, to ease back into this blogging thing, two images demonstrating that Blizzard really does love the Horde best.

T9 Alliance Warlock


T9 Horde Warlock


They at least get to, y’know, look like warlocks.  Instead of Faberge eggs.

Just saying.

Wonder how Kahleena would look with green skin….



  1. Tamarind said,

    Welcome back! And I hope you’ve learned your lesson, young man. You won’t be trying foolishness like *spit* camping any time again soon 😉

    Congrats on your massive amount of hits – thoroughly deserved. Unless it was just poor souls trying to find a picture of a faberge egg for Grandma 😉

    • Kahleena said,

      No, I don’t think they’ll be dragging me out into the woods anytime soon, unless it’s to shoot me. Though I did discover a previously-untapped talent at starting fires (well, untapped insofar as my lawyers will allow me to admit), and that was fun – clearly I’m Destro-specced in real life too.

      Re: the traffic, it turned out, digging through my records, it was Syll’s individual links to each of my “Separated at Birth” posts. So I had a one-day traffic spike around 8-10 times higher than usual. Which was awesome, though the sudden drop the next day seems to have set off Hits Withdrawal, which is causing this sort of nasty twitching.

      • Tamarind said,

        Yes, I’ve had to force myself to stop looking at my blogstats because they were clearly designed by a sadist who wants to torture you. Today are you LOVED, tomorrow nobody CARES, the day after that who knows?


      • Kahleena said,

        That’s when you start throwing in phrases designed to get Google searches for strange things to return your blog as a result.

        Like, say, “gay night elf porn”.

      • Tamarind said,

        *shame* That was … just … too funny to ignore. Green sideburns!

        Lately I’ve started getting “man turned to goth sissy” which is weirdly specific, and I shall now pass it, like swine flu, to your blog, so there =P

  2. hydra said,

    Alliance looks horrid and gawd awful. It is like cotton candy warlocks. I may have to pull out some Strawberry Shortcake action when I get T9.

    • Kahleena said,

      Yeah, there’s definitely a sort of plush toy aesthetic going on. It’s like, you squeeze this chest, between those gigantic shoulders and a cute voice pops up “I wuv you”, or perhaps “Lifetapping – heal meh!”

  3. Dorgol said,

    Alliance cloth does look bad, but our Plate looks fantastic. Leather is meh on both, and I don’t remember what the Mail guys are getting.

    On the other hand, the Horde cloth (especially the Warlock) looks fantastic.

    • Kahleena said,

      I love Alliance leather, because Rogues have to put up with having beaks. Having a typical Warlock’s appreciation for rogues, this makes me more happy than I can possibly say.

  4. Frijona said,

    The Warlock T9 alliance set is completely “meh” and I just don’t have that “ooh, I want to get that!” sense that I do with most of the other teir sets. What’s with the shoulders? They look like they’re made with stone. Warlocks don’t wear plate much less giant stone things on their shoulders.

    Love your blog, though! I’ve added you to my warlock blogs link list.

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