Warlock Q&A Feedback, Part 2

July 6, 2009 at 9:26 am (Warlock)

Okay, so further mulling over the Q&A, I think I was probably a bit harsh.  There was a bit of good information in there, though I still refuse to get too excited over changes that have been many patches in the making, with no end point in sight.  I’m led to understand, though, that this vagueness is pretty typical of the Q&As so far.  The development team can’t be yanking all our chains, can they?

The soul shard comments at least tell me that Blizzard is on the right track, assuming they ever actually finish their grand revamp.  I talked before about how the problem with soul shards is that they’re all the fun of arcane powder, with none of the convenience.  It seems as though Blizzard gets that, as they specifically outline their plans to make them something we have to farm less (more convenience), and that it should be “exciting” to burn one (more fun).  So kudos to them.  Now let’s see the damn system, preferably before patch 4.0.

And obviously, as far as the nice-to-have pet-reskins, class flying mounts, etc. well, druids eventually got theirs, so hope springs eternal.

Hm, while I’m on this marathon of sunshine and daisies, maybe I’ll try to say something nice about the warlock T9 set…..no, I think that’s a bridge too far.  And the comments about Demonic Circle are still deeply stupid.  Whew, much better.  I can only take so much nice before needing insulin.


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