Then again…

July 3, 2009 at 3:05 pm (Separated at Birth, Warlock)

…I suppose it could be worse.


A little worse, anyway.



  1. Sylly said,

    rofl Kahleena! /giggle /snort /guffaw!!!


    /wheeze again with hysterical laughter

    This series is priceless

  2. Tamarind said,

    Okay, I’m dead now.

    Dead and still laughing.

  3. Al said,


  4. Temitope said,

    On reflection, one thing I will say for the Tier 9 gear.

    At least it’s not sodding brown. I’ve got a couple of characters in the mid-high seventies now, and every damned thing they’re wearing is the same shade of brown.

    Come back Jade Warrior Pauldrons, all is forgiven.

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