Ya know…

July 2, 2009 at 11:54 pm (Warlock)

…I”m really not all that gloomy.  Really I’m not.  I’m a happy person for the most part, or at the very least, I generally suppress my urge to gripe about 90% of what bugs me.

So I really hate pointing out (in a week in which this blog has been littered with complaints, bitching, and navel-gazing no-fun mopey-type behavior)  how ridiculously awful the T9 Alliance Warlock set looks.  After T7 and T8 (both of which positively scream nastiness, corruption, depravity and darkness, as all good warlock sets should), what a colossal disappointment.  Nothing about that set evokes a warlock (unlike, say, every single tier set to date).  It evokes nothing so much as a mage in pajamas.

The set, it should be noted, is virtually interchangeable with the priest set.  Here’s a hint – if the gear of your sweet, innocent, holy, turn-into-an-angel-upon-death healer who loves rainbows, kittens, and long walks on the beach is interchangeable with that worn by a demon-addled disease-inflicting unholy turn-into-a-demon-at-whim slaughterer of innocents who strangles puppies and prefers ambling through dungeons and abbatoirs to walks on the beach, you’re doing it wrong.



  1. Temitope said,

    There are *loads* of differences between the two sets.

    Look, the priest gear has a sort of *blue* light around the shoulders, while the warlock gear has a sort of *green* light around the shoulders. What more could you possibly want?

    Also, is this the gear that’s carrying the name of Kel’Thuzad? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure old Kel doesn’t dress anything like that.

  2. Kahleena said,

    Yeah, that’s the Kel’Thuzad set. Told ya he wasn’t a warlock. Maybe those are *his* pajamas.

    That actually inspired me to go looking at who the priest set’s named after. Turns out, it’s named after Velen. So, Velen and Kel’Thuzad buy their pajamas at the same place. Does anyone else find this fishy? Dimension-traveling space-goat who wasn’t even *on* Azeroth until a year or so ago has the same nightclothes that Kel’Thuzad the necromancer had (and I have to think Kel’Thuzad bought those pre-death-and-resurrection, hence more than five years ago, because have you looked at him? Anymore, the guy clearly shops off the rack at Liches ‘R Us). Kel’Thuzad probably didn’t go clothes shopping in Outland, so now we know that Velen’s been here longer than he’s told us. Have you ever seen Velen and Kel’Thuzad in the same place? I haven’t.

  3. Tamarind said,


    Kel’Thuzad’s pajamies! Striking fear into the hearts of teddy bears across Azeroth!

    And you’re right – they don’t exactly scream warlock. They kind of politely suggest ovaltine. I think it’s the fact they’re this “cosy up for the evening” sky blueish colour.

    Also, as a holy priest, Tam very much resents this stereotyping of “sweet, innocent, holy, turn-into-an-angel-upon-death healer who loves rainbows, kittens, and long walks on the beach.” He’s a stern, flagellatory kind of priest 🙂

    • Kahleena said,

      You know, you’re not exactly helping on the whole blood-elves-are-sexually-questionable front.

  4. Temitope said,

    Tamarind might be holy, but in his *soul* he’s Discipline.

    • Kahleena said,

      I should introduce him to Hesna, my minion. They’d probably get along splendidly.

  5. I like my caverns like I like my women… « standing at the back in my sissy robe said,

    […] at Fel Deeds has been hilariously embittered (and again and again and again) by the T9 Warlock pajamas […]

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