June 29, 2009 at 6:02 pm (Navel-Gazing, WoW General)

I hate PvP.

I’m not entirely sure why this is, but I think it’s the level of hideous sportsmanship involved, pretty much across the board.  One of my formative moments in playing WoW was when my weakling level 12ish warlock decided to check out Warsong Gulch.  The level of sheer contempt from the 19 twinks (though I had no idea that that’s what they were) pretty much guaranteed I wasn’t going to bother checking out battlegrounds again.  The higher-level (like, skull-level) toon who camped me in my 20s when I accidentally flagged near Thousand Needles, happily alternating between teabagging me and spitting on my corpse was another class act.  Anyway, people like this were my first real introduction to PvPers, and had a rather outsize influence on how I perceive PvPers in general.

Now, there are certainly obnoxious asses who raid.  The difference is, I can choose who to associate with when I raid, and I choose to associate with a guild of people who aren’t obnoxious asses.  In PvP, however, generally speaking, you have no control over those with whom you play.  You might be able to put together a premade battleground group (I think, though I never tried), or your arena team of course, but you certainly have no control over those against whom you’re pitted, and those are the people most likely to engage in the sort of contemptuous behavior that pretty much kills my interest in PvP.

I am beginning to get more accustomed, though, to having to flag now and again (for quests).  I’ve been going around doing the Midsummer quests, which has meant spending an unusual amount of time flagged.  This has included some runs into the heart of Horde cities, which were all kinds of exciting.   A bit of PvP broke out while I was doing this, some perfectly unobjectionable (granted, I died ridiculously quickly during my little invasion of Orgrimmar, but nobody acted like an ass, so it was all good).  I got shredded by a rogue near Crossroads (while extinguishing the fire), and said rogue, of course, having nearly reduced me to nothing in the course of a single set of stuns, couldn’t resist /spitting on my corpse, as though a rogue taking out a surprised warlock in PvE gear is any kind of achievement, or as though I had done something horribly vile (worthy of a /spit no less!) by, y’know, completing a quest.

One of the last fires I put out was the Horde fire in Zangarmarsh.  I saw an 80 blood elf paladin (not sure of spec, though I didn’t see a Divine Storm during his attack on me) hanging around, but didn’t think anything of it.  Put out the fire, and the guy jumped me.  Along with his 80 balance druid buddy, who I hadn’t seen.  I can only conclude that either they really didn’t know what they were doing, I radically outgeared them (I was in Naxx-25 level raiding gear for the most part, with a couple of Naxx-10 pieces and one piece of t8.5 – no PvP gear), or burst damage (I am destro, after all) really is king in PvP, as I pretty much tore them apart.  It sure as hell wasn’t skill on my part (pretty much in the span of one death coil, my immolate/conflagrate/backlash-incinerate had reduced the pally to jelly, and the druid decided he had a pressing engagement elsewhere – a truly good sport would have let him leave, but, well, he did jump me in a 2-to-1 situation, so I wasn’t feeling kind).  Anyway, when I saw the druid go down, I felt this utter surge of exhilaration.  I had survived.  And it was….fun.

I then ran like hell, because I was a bit close to the Horde city’s entrance (guards were running towards me as the battle ended), and I frankly didn’t feel like waiting around for my fellow combatants to put together a more skilled attempt on my life.  I certainly didn’t spit on, nor camp, their corpses.  One assumes they were probably a touch embarrassed at the failure of their attack, but I’m not sure what rubbing it in would have gotten me.  It might have made them feel (more) poorly, which being someone possessed of relatively normal human empathy, I’d rather not do without reason, and I was already feeling awesome just for having survived.  Typing “/spit” wouldn’t have really increased that.

All I could think, though, was “So that’s apparently what the PvPers are on about.  Huh.  I could get into that.”   Shame about the asshats.



  1. Tamarind said,

    I see you’re using the Shared Brain again.

    I really don’t see the appeal of PvP myself… well, actually, that’s not true, I very much see the appeal of *winning* (and congratulations on taking out the pally and the druid – even though they are, of course, technically my fellow Hordies and you did just piss on our Sacred Flame) but the process, uh, no thanks.

    I think part of the problem, for me, at least is that PvP reminds me I’m playing a game, whereas in PvE I can at least pretend I’m, y’know, killing chickens for the good of the Horde or adventuring deep in dark caverns beneath the surface fo Azeroth. In PvP I’m just getting mullered by a 12 year old from France.

    • Kahleena said,

      Heh – yeah, I see what you mean. Certainly arena play (which I did once, to help a friend get his points for the week, and I don’t intend to do again) is incredibly artificial and suspension-of-disbelief-shredding. Ditto Warsong Gulch (seems to me if the Horde and Alliance continue to kill each other over a game of capture the flag, perhaps joint sporting events are not a good idea). Alterac Valley was okay from a suspension-of-disbelief perspective – I actually had the feeling I was part of a real battle there (It’s the one PvP experience I’ve had some reasonable level of experience with – a whole weekend of grinding honor to buy a trinket I no longer need (when our guild was raiding Hyjal) because they changed human racials). I’ve never done Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, or Strand of the Ancients. WIntergrasp I would love to try at some point (played around with it once and bailed when there were a critical mass of people in /1 channel whining about how we were going to lose, this was all the fault of the people who popped in never having done it before, yadda yadda yadda.) I think Wintergrasp is a great concept. But PvPers are still asshats.

  2. TotC: the disco at Righteous Orbs said,

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