3.2 – Raiding

June 18, 2009 at 4:08 am (Raiding)

So, more info has been released about the 3.2 raid.  Honestly, I kind of hate the sound of it.  This is largely for the same reason I hate the whole Argent Tournament thing in the first place.  Okay, one of the reasons – the other is that I can’t joust to save my life.

The appeal of raiding, to me, is not just the tactical exercise.  It’s the story – the lore.  There were places, and major characters in the story, that I would never get to see if I didn’t raid.  That’s why I started.  I get why attunements were ditched, but honestly, it worked for me that, in TBC, there was a progression that was largely story-driven.  Outside quest chains sent you to the instances, and sent you “up the chain” to Vashj, Kael, and eventually Illidan.  Sunwell was a continuation (not that I got to see it, mind you).  Naxx’s and Malygos’ storylines played out in Wrath, leading up to the actual instances themselves,  even in the absence of any actual breadcrumb quest to Naxx.

OS, on the other hand, just sits there.  Nothing led us down there, no quests even suggested there was anything down there.  There’s no story associated with OS (yeah, I know, it’s in a book, but frankly, that’s cheap – I don’t want to have to buy more freaking Blizzard merchandise to get the storyline of a game I’ve already spent too much money on, particularly given the utterly craptastic quality of pretty much every media-tie-in novel ever writtentyped.)  Hence, I’ve never been a particular fan of OS.

Ulduar has great story associated with it.  Great addition.  I can’t freaking wait to face Yogg-Saron, given all the times I’ve encountered his handiwork.  Ditto the Titan bosses I’ve run into in some capacity (Thorim, for example).

If they wanted a new raid instance for 3.2 (perfectly reasonable), here’s a thought – Azjol Nerub occupies a huge freaking role in Warcraft lore.  At one point, if I remember correctly, they were considering making it an underground zone of some sort – quest hub, instances, etc. (maybe something like Moria seems to be in LotRO).  The two AN instances, on the other hand, don’t do the place justice.  So that might have made for a very cool raid – fill in a lore gap.  Make the Nerubian Kingdom (The Lich King’s first victims) something truly amazing, instead of a couple of cheap five-man instances for people in their early to mid 70s.

This “Crusaders’ Coliseum” sounds like OS, only more so.  As with the stupidity of the whole “We’re invading Icecrown thanks to the horrible contagion Arthas unleashed on us last year, so instead of actually killing the undead who populate it, let’s spend our days jousting!”, now we’re going to, what, be gladiators killing really powerful monsters the Argent Crusade has captured and is just keeping around for gladiatorial combat?  Really?  This is a good use of the time and resources of the Argent Crusade?  Bread and circuses, hold the bread?

Seems to me Abbendis and the Scarlet CrusadeOnslaught might have run a more competent war than these jokers.  At least she might have understood the point of the war was to kill the freaking Scourge (even if her definition of “Scourge” was what the lawyers would call overbroad).

EDITED TO ADD:  Oh yeah, and if they make jousting an actual mechanic in a boss fight, I’m quitting this stupid game.  I am Sick.  Unto.  Death.  of vehicles, vehicle boss fights, vehicle instances, vehicle quests, vehicle breakfast cereals, and whatever-the-frack-else-you-use-vehicles-for-in-WoW.  I get it, Blizzard.  You made a new mechanic.  Bully for you.  Now stop it.



  1. Temitope said,

    Mother ****ing word

  2. Zaphind said,

    I second your motion on the vehicles. Enough already. I didn’t spend all this time gearing my character and learning to play my class so I could sit in a tank where all of that goes out the window.

  3. This. at Righteous Orbs said,

    […] I’ve just checked her commentary on the 3.2 changes and feel it behoves me to return the favour. […]

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