Guild Drama

June 12, 2009 at 1:16 pm (Navel-Gazing)

One of the reasons they’re going to have to force me out the door of my current guild with a crowbar (btw, if you’re a lvl 80 DPSer on Duskwood, we’re recruiting) is the virtual absence of drama.  I’m not going to pretend nobody ever says anything that gets somebody else going “Uhh….what?”  That’s life.  And occasionally, things have turned heated, somebody has /gquit dramatically (I’m thinking of a very short-term merger we had with another guild not long ago), or something similar.  But my observation of my guild suggests that the whole it-takes-two-to-tango cliche, when it applies to guild drama, really is true.

At my last guild (which was really my only other raiding guild – I went straight there out of my leveling guild), through all of its various membership permutations, drama was the order of the day.  When I started there as a newbie raider, we had a warrior main tank and a rogue who were mostly interested in yelling at everybody they didn’t perceive to be doing their jobs.  We had officers who would snark on raiders (behind the scenes and, occasionally, in front).  Don’t get me wrong, there were great people there as well, including the GM.  I wouldn’t have stayed very long if there hadn’t been.  But there was a critical mass of people there who were drama addicts, and it was incredibly destructive.

Once a large section of the officer corps decided we weren’t progressing fast enough, and guild-hopped (which, as far as I can tell, they’re still doing) for greener pastures (except the GM, who changed her name and server-transferred to escape harassment by our asshat former main tank and his adolescent buddies), one of the officers took over as GM, booted everybody out who contributed to that nonsense, and made a bunch of new officers, including myself.  So, Guild v.2.0 (name left out to protect the guilty) was reborn.  Alas, Guild v.2.0 hadn’t quite gotten rid of all the drama-addicts.  In fact, it had made one of them an officer.  A belligerent schmuck of an officer whose parting shot (when, predictably, it all fell apart, another GM server-transferred, and all the raiders fled) was to deface the website I had built for the guild, wipe out our forums, and remove the site permissions of everybody except me, as I had created the site, and he couldn’t.  I had put a lot of work into the site, so that pissed me off beyond description.  The vile little *&!#@ is now on another server, so at least he’s someone else’s problem (hope you’re enjoying him, Muradin).

Needless to say, at this point, having come back to this after being offline due to a dead computer, I promptly /gquit on every single one of my toons.  Not only from Guild 2.0, but from whatever leveling guilds my alts had been members of.  The last thing I wanted, frankly, was to deal with people (which has always been one of the aspects of MMOs of which I’ve been least enamored.)  I got a whisper from one of the former officers, telling me “Oh, everybody moved over to <guild name which is still an active raiding guild our server, so good for them>, want an invite?”  I passed.  I had the raiding bug, so I knew I’d jump back on the horse eventually, but not now.  I got a whisper from another former officer, asking me how I was doing.  Which was nice it and of itself.  Then I found out from him that not everybody had moved over to <previously mentioned guild>, but a decent chunk of our player base (specifically, our least dramatically-inclined, as well as some of my oldest WoW-friends from back when we were all in the same leveling guild) had joined Legio Vici.  I put in an app, and haven’t regretted it since.  We may not be the fastest progressing guild on the server, but frankly, I’ll take the slow and steady guild populated (and run) by grownups any day.


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  1. Night said,

    Fiddlesticks! I was hoping there would be some good guild drama while I was away. Here I am, hoping to live vicariously through you bloggers, and I find there’s *nothing* going on this month! No mass gquit, no guild bank ninja, no guild chat hissy fits? I expected better!


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