A further prediction

June 11, 2009 at 12:56 pm (WoW General)

There’s going to be a massive number of level 80s roaming around Hellfire Peninsula, both (a) doing the PvP daily, and (b) grinding Hellfire Citadel heroics (and/or Shattered Halls regular), to get the Honor Hold/Thrallmar rep, since those are apparently what is going to determine the faction discount on epic flying.  And exalted reputation means a savings of 1,000g – nothing at all to sneeze at.

Honor Hold/Thrallmar.  At least they’re less laggy than Dalaran.

UPDATED TO ADD:  Whatever you do, don’t take stock advice from me.  My predictive skills leave something to be desired.  Apparently you’ll be able to buy training (and take advantage of the rep discount) from Valiance Expedition or Warsong Offensive.  So the 3,154 Death Knights hanging out in Hellfire Peninsula on any given server will continue to have the place to themselves.


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