Blog Azeroth: Non-healers’ View of Healers

June 10, 2009 at 7:16 pm (Navel-Gazing, Warlock)

Okay, so this week’s topic is non-healers’ view of healers.  Lots of good articles from the tanking perspective, but I thought I’d throw my Plagueheart Circlet into the ring.

I love my guild’s healers, but the dirty little secret is, they make me feel guilty.  To explain why, perhaps the following only-slightly-exaggerated account of what always seems to happen on 25-man raids will suffice:

The trash pull concludes, moving onto the next one.

Me: *lifetap*

Almost instantaneously thereafter:




*Flash Heal*

*Flash of Light*

*Chain Heal*


Um, thanks guys.  I was just equalizing health and mana so I could eat/drink quicker.

I suppose I was traumatized by somebody ranting on a bulletin board once about warlock lifetappers using healer mana pools as their own.  Granted, I’m sure they were griping about the twits I occasionally run into on my alts, who lifetap to 5% right before a pull.  Those people are disgraces who should be fed to their minions.  Still, noone wants to be a twit.  Hence, guilt.  I absolutely adore our guild’s healers, and I’m sure they’d laugh their asses off at the prospect of me feeling guilty about a bit of overhealing.  But it is what it is.

That said, one of those things that can always give you the warm fuzzies, as a warlock, is to see, after the pull, a little unobtrusive HOT show up in your buff bar.  It can be a Renew, Lifebloom, Rejuvenate, Regrowth, whatever.  It says “Hey, I know you’re a little low on mana, and will probably need to lifetap.  No pressure, I didn’t break the mana bank throwing this HOT on, but y’know, it’s there for ya.”  Gotta say, I love that.

Of course, what happens next is probably predictable.


*HOT ticks*

*Flash Heal*

*Chain Heal*

*Healing Wave*

*Some gigantic healing spell I’ve never even heard of, but comes with its own light show*

*HOT ticks on a full health bar*

Love ya guys. 🙂



  1. Tamarind said,

    As a healer, I’m always interested in the views of other classes on healers. It’s, uh, illuminating.

    Actually, I have to say, I don’t *dislike* being in the vicinity of warlocks (as some do) but I do find it utterly terrifying. Either they’re lifetapping away merrily but the “person has lost heatlh must take action now” impulse has kicked in instinctively and you’ve healed them back up to max before your brain has had a chance to say to you “that’s a warlock, doofus” OR the warlock has, in fact, taken some AOE damage or something has gone wrongsomewhere and they’re under attack from something and you’re ignoring them while their health dribbles away because you’ve imposed Lifetap Assumption Blindness on yourself.

  2. Admin said,

    Great point, Tamarind. I love healers. I certainly don’t want to terrify them. 🙂 And it’s a great example of why warlocks definitely need to be responsible in their lifetapping – lifetap only when actually out of mana (or when everybody is clearly safe), and only lifetap once. In combat, a warlock should be doing that anyway, as it reduces his/her DPS to lifetap gratuitously. At the end of a boss fight, a warlock should be out or nearly out of mana.

  3. Sylly said,

    ROFL! this post tickles me to no end. I always throw out the hots to you locks when you tap. Never thought once about you equalizing health and mana. I just see the health bar go down and know that it costs me much less to toss a HoT than it costs you in terms of time to drink and recover the lost health. I don’t even think about it. I just take care of my peeps =). Now, on the other hand, when I am in a pug (rare these days) and there is a Lock who I don’t know who taps away before a pull, I am more likely to push him into a boss’s AOE range so that he’ll get a nice repair bill than I am to heal him. LOL! On the other hand, a lock who asks? If they ask me once I’ll heal them every time forever and never begrudge them a single point of their health or a point of my mana.

  4. Admin said,

    Huh. So being considerate gets better results than the alternative. Go figure. 🙂

    And yes Syll, I was thinking of you in particular when I mentioned the sudden unheralded appearance of HOTs on the buff bar. You always take good care of us.

  5. Beltain said,

    LOL! I love my lock, and admit the reason for it is that he never lifetapped. I mean NEVER, not in between pulls, not in combat (unless he was at 5% mana), just never… It got to the point I finally made a /RW macro that would spam in his face LIFE TAP!!! OUR #1 DPS NEEDS HIS MANA! followed by insta-HoTs on him. =D I think I have finally trained him to understand that it is perfectly ok to use it — especially when the HoT is already ticking on him.

    • Admin said,

      That’s hilarious, Beltain!

  6. Nefernet said,

    Ahah !

    This remembers me an heroic Violet Hold I did with guildies : one warlock and two ret pallies…
    Owh… I love my guildies… I used Wild growth a lot… 😀


    • Kahleena said,

      Heh. I’ve been running my pally through instances as ret for the most part lately (clearly the tanking shortage, if there ever was one, is long oever). Not sure what it is about me and classes that harm themselves to do damage. I’m really not that emo. I think. 🙂

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