“Feels a bit like the first time I walked into Kara.”

June 9, 2009 at 1:25 pm (Navel-Gazing, Raiding)

“Oh right, this time, I’m supposed to pull aggro.”

So, Albeon the Unready managed to finagle an invitation to an all-guild 10-man Naxx run, after our planned 25-man run fell through (we’re having raid attendance issues, which the officers are working on, and I have no doubt are temporary.)  Obviously, I’ve gone into new raid instances since doing Kara (specifically, well, all of them, though not necessarily to completion).  But it was interesting to discover, for me, that what role I play has a far greater impact on my comfort level than the newness of the instance itself.  Because prior to the first pull, it was a feeling of complete blind panic, in a way I never do when I’m playing my warlock.  I think this is primarily for two reasons:  (a) I know, to a far greater degree, what I’m doing on my warlock, including knowing by second nature when each “panic button” is called for, and what it looks like, and (b) if I screw up on my lock, the worst thing that happens is I die.  Somebody tosses me a rez, makes a crack about being the guild corpse, and the raid moves on.  If I screw up as a tank, the worst thing that happens is everybody dies.  And I feel like a red-faced idiot (see also: yesterday’s attempt to squeeze in a quick Violet Hold run before the raid – it was not, shall we say, my finest hour).

The panic wasn’t helped by me going for my Avenger’s Shield to pull some adds and realizing I couldn’t remember what it looked like, or where I had put it on my toolbar.

I only offtanked one and a quarter wings (our other brand-new pally tank offtanked one and three quarters – we cleared spider, plague, and construct), and switched to ret for the rest.  And by the end, the panic had gone away, because I actually did, it turned out, know what I was doing, more or less (that unfortunate moment co-tanking Gluth when I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t holding aggro, and realized I hadn’t put on righteous fury when switching specs, was a regrettable bit of noobery.)  Only one piece of tanking gear dropped, and the other paladin got it (a trinket dropped as well, but the main tank needed that, and that being his primary character, more power to him – even had he not won the roll, it would have been his).  But it was heaps of fun nonetheless.  Looking forward to my next foray into there.


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