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June 8, 2009 at 10:56 pm (Navel-Gazing, WoW General)

One of my least favorite WoW-related phenomena is the run-through of an instance by a higher-level player.  Earlier, my recruit-a-friend buddy (he plays a healer, I play a tank) and I were grouping up to run the first Scarlet Monastery instance (we were level 30, so I figured Graveyard would be level-appropriate.)  He asked on his guild, and a level 40 warrior joined.  Hm, okay – a bit higher level than I thought, but fine.  Guess I’m DPSing though, as I’m not going to even try to hold aggro against a player ten levels above me.

Most of the mobs in SM-G are non-elites, so I figured the three of us could probably hack it.  So, not an orthodox group configuration, but not a ridiculous run-through either.

“hey can i join ur group?”

A bouncy level 35 blood elf paladin (in what appeared to be a dress – dude, you’re a paladin, you’re not holy-specced, wear mail fercryingoutloud) is jumping next to me in the SM atrium.  Okay, fine.  So, the four of us charge through the graveyard, I note the level 40 warrior is ‘need’ing on cloth gear while my buddy (a priest) was losing out on the rolls (we later established that, in fact, it was his first instance run, so he’d never seen the need/greed thing before).

So, the graveyard run goes fine – I was a bit amused to see myself beating Dress-Wearing Paladin five levels above me on the DPS meter.  And then he and the warrior decide “Eh, let’s go to the next one”.  And they go into Cathedral.

Now, sometimes, I”m too nice.  Instead of going “Uh, I don’t think this is a great idea”, I probably should have just whispered my friend, and have us both quit group at the same time.  Suffice it to say, it was a massacre.  So, we go into the library instead (my friend and I are almost 31 at this point, so it wasn’t completely ridiculous.)

“Give me lead,” quoth Dress-Wearing Paladin.  I felt a great disturbance in the force, but went ahead and did so (see above re:  me being too nice).  A fifth is invited into the group – ah, there’s a voidwalker portrait below him, he’s a warlock.  Very nice.  Mouse over the portrait….

Level 62.

Well, on some level, I don’t want to deny my friend a shot at loot (frankly, he could use it.)  But at this point, absolutely nothing is learned, by me or my friend, on how to play our class (and Lord knows Dress-Wearing Paladin didn’t learn anything over the course of that ridiculous run, except don’t tell somebody “heal me” and then spam holy light on yourself every time you stub your toe, or you don’t get any more heals).  We ran each of the four wings, and my friend in particular got a lot of loot.  But it just bugged me.  It was utter chaos, of the sort that gets people into seriously bad habits.

Now, granted, when I run instances, I tend to try to run them almost like raids.  Hell, I marked mobs when I was tanking Ragefire Chasm, to the amusement of one of my DPSers.  But frankly, nobody had much AoE (including me, at that point – I didn’t have consecrate yet), and I don’t want to be pulling the monster off some idiot DPSer’s ass because he never learned what /assist does.

But the thing is, those bad habits continue.  At 78-79 on my pally, I tanked a few instances, including Halls of Stone and Halls of Lightning.  In both cases, the “Pass me lead to mark” was marked with hilarity and derision.  I get that in terms of instance-running, for the most part, we’re in World of AoEcraft.  Most pulls, I don’t bother.  But I’m in the habit, and to be honest, it works better that way, instead of leaving me to try to Righteous-Defense every moron who couldn’t wait until he saw the consecrate before spamming his AoE.

Then again, these were the groups that included the boomkin that kept Typhooning the mobs I pulled into other mobs I hadn’t yet pulled.  Because everybody loves it when the mobs bring friends.



  1. Elathan said,

    I can deffinitely share your sentiments there Kahleena, nothing I loath more than to mget whispered while in SW or IF or some other city asking for a run through “insert name of classic instance here” because those are the same players you will inevitably run into on a PUG and have one of those epic fail guild stories that start with “You won’t believe what this Noobtard did in (insert name of WotLK Heroic here)…” As well as those are the same people that will invariably run their friends through the low level content creating a viscious cycle of noobtardness….

    On another note from a tanking perspective, I would have to say marking mobs in an instance shouldn’t be considered a “BAD” habit, just an “Archaic” one. Lord knows I still do it to some extent, harkening back to my BC tanking days of CC out the wazoo heroic runs. While I don’t do the whole “skull, circle, square moon etc” kill order marking, I do find marking one with a skull, especially if the pull has a spell caster or healer in it, so those DPS with no AOE can focus on one makes some pulls in the LK instances a bit easier even if they are all AoE now.

  2. Admin said,

    Hey Elathan – thanks for stopping by! Re: marking, I definitely didn’t mean to suggest marking was a bad habit. The bad habit I meant was more the kill-whatever’s-moving-and-don’t-worry-about-kill-order thing that leads to such chaos. I’m allergic to chaos, especially when tanking. And the people laughing at marking in Ragefire Chasm are the same people laughing at marking in Halls of Lightning. And then wondering how they pulled aggro, and assuming it’s my fault. 🙂

  3. Temitope said,

    Ah a failpug story. Who doesn’t love a failpug story.

    I’m really glad there are other people out there who hate boosting. You get really confused reactions from people when you tell them that no, you want to run this thing at level, thanks.

    For what it’s worth I *have* actually run the SM Library in a dress – but that was back when my regular group did black tie instance runs. Tanking the Library at 35 in a white frock was an experience and a half…

  4. Kahleena said,

    Okay, black tie instance runs sound just way too cool. I’m going to have to suggest it to my guild at some point.

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  6. wildgrowth said,

    I completely concur – boosting is bad business that teaches bad habits. My groups and I have been treating 5-mans like raids for a long time now, so much so that by the time we hit 80 and were actually invited into raids, we knew what to do and how to do it (for the most part.) Learning the lessons of how to work effectively together as a group early (even Ragefire early) is always a good thing.

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