Riddle me this…

June 6, 2009 at 2:49 am (Warlock)

Okay, so coming back from my hiatus after 3.1, among the many things I discovered was that they appear to have made some of those “exciting changes” to soul shards Ghostcrawler was talking about.

I’m sure this has been discussed ad nauseum, but can someone explain to me how the whole drain-soul-can-occasionally-create-shards-by-doing-damage thing is supposed to help?  If you’re affliction, that’s great, since Drain Soul is your Execute.  In which case the 32-shard limit also makes sense, so you’re not completely filling your bags off one boss fight.  Last I checked, though, Affliction didn’t exactly have a whole lot of difficulty with shards anyway.   Destro still doesn’t spam drain soul, it’s dumb to expect us to gimp our DPS to farm reagents mid-run, and destro has always been the spec with the greatest difficulty farming shards.  If anything, it’s now impossible to compensate by farming up, say, 50 shards pre-raid, as we’re stuck with the 32-shard limit.

How did this help?  Anyone?


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  1. Mage Q&A « Fel Deeds Awake! said,

    […] Soul Shards aren’t changing in some really fundamental way (and no, 3.1 didn’t count), such that they’re less annoying, then they need to be more fun.  How?  Different kinds of […]

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