Blog Azeroth: Anatomy of a Quest

June 5, 2009 at 5:31 pm (WoW General)

So, Blog Azeroth (a site for WoW bloggers) apparently has a shared topic to blog about every week, if people are interested in doing so.  This is my first week as a WoW blogger, so I decided I’d give it a shot.  The topic is to deconstruct your favorite quest.

Well, unfortunately, my “favorite” quest was already done by somebody, who said, alas, almost exactly what I would have said, and probably better.  See Musings of A Raider for the quest that made me cry when I first did it.  So well-done.

So, my second-favorite.  After my warlock had gotten to 80 (having started at Borean Tundra), I had my shadow priest (who I expected to be my second to 80, as she had been my second to 70, I wasn’t feeling the DK, and my next highest toon was my level 30-something Paladin) start in Howling Fjord.  And there, I hit what is one of the most memorable quests, to me, of Wrath, if only for having been so shocking.  I’m talking about The Echo of Ymiron.

Not, so much, for the quest itself.  But what happened when my poor shadow priest found her way to what appeared to be a reasonably safe area (and seemed fairly close to where she needed to be – the directions were a bit vague) in order to “use” the incense.  I’m speaking, of course, of the stairs – if you’ve done that quest in HF, you know the ones.  So here I was, cruising along, in Fed-Ex-quest mode, use the incense, and-


Suffice it to say, the appearance of a certain ex-Paladin, literally Right. In. Front. Of. Me. scared the bejeezus out of me.  In point of fact, my shadow priest is still level 70, and while the real reason is I got distracted by my paladin, in my more RP-type moods, I prefer to think of it as poor Teleria refusing, after that shock to her system, to leave the Valgarde Inn, come what may.


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